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 Sound with Equals Three
(Los angeles / Culver City - USA California - South), ASAP for We shoot once or twice a month. Looking for someone to do sound on our sketches and possible our show. Here is a link to the last sketch we put out: It would be $150 for the day. Long days 8am-8pm. We are shooting THIS saturday and sunday Feb 28th and March 1st. So total $300 for two days You must have your own equipment! You must have sound experience. These videos are seen by over 400,000 people. This is for the famous Youtuber Ray William Johnson. Please send resume and list of equipment. .
 Film/TV/Animation WANTED! with Paul Williams Sound
(London - UK - England & Wales), ASAP for Until Completion Of Projects. Hey People!!! My name is Paul Williams & I am a Dubbing Mixer, Composer & Side Designer within TV & Film Post Production. I currently work for one of the biggest Post Production Houses in London, UK!. I also have my own Post Production Studio.. which leads us onto this advert! I am currently looking to expand my own personal portfolio & find talented individuals to work with from my remote studio. As I am currently working on my own personal website this seems the perfect opportunity to work with new people! I have previously worked with BBC One HD, ITV, Nickelodeon, Method Man & countless independent projects. I also recently completed my first film due to 2014 release... for a snippet of some of my professional projects feel free to visit my Vimeo... What I am looking for:
Any sort of screen work you feel needs sound/music adding, mixing or even potentially a piece that has location sound with now requires the Post Production process. So whether your a Director, Editor, Animator... if it needs sound then thats where I come in! I am looking for screen projects & you need sound for them... its that simple! This is a credit for credit basis opportunity here.. so NO pay/expenses will be paid by either party... just an opportunity for added work for our portfolios/reels! All projects will be delivered to the NEW 2014 Broadcast Sound Levels that are currently being implemented world-wide Thankyou for your time & If you would like to speak to me feel free to contact me directly via email: Regards Paul ps. PLEASE NOTE:
having asked for screen work on here before... please do NOT send me CVs/Emails unless you actually have a project you potentially need work on... I am NOT looking to employ people or take anyone else on additionally... this is purely an opportunity for relevant people to expand their own portfolios .
 Producer with Equator Productions
(New York - USA New York/New Jersey), Fall 2015 for Entire Production. My Name is David Williams An Independent Film and Music Video Director.I am the Co Founder of and A Director for Equator Productions.I am in Post production of my Debut film "Torn" AKA Computers & Imagination which will be Entered in Cannes at the end of March.My follow up film will be on a bigger scale and im looking for a Producer to oversee the operation and make my life easier.This film has a working title of "Irma" and its about a family that is dealt with turmoil who has been trying to avoid their abusive father for a span of 15 years.I have never worked with a producer so this will be a learning experience for me.I need someone who can really help make this happen and Someone who really wants to be a part of this film and believes in what i am trying to do.I would like to sit, go over the script and figure out what it is that we need and put our resources together and get it done.As far as the Salary lets negotiate. come up with the budget and you get 10 percent ? sounds fair ? .
 Sound Designer with Turtle Dog
(Los Angeles - USA California - South), 3/1/2015 for depends. Popular web-series looking for a Sound Designer. We would like people who like to get the experience and exposure, who are passionate about what they do, and who can work well with other team members. We do have deadlines as we have finished shooting the end of the 1st season, so we prefer someone who has very good time management skills.
Hell's Kitty helps promote non-profit organizations and relies on volunteers to help make this show happen, therefore these are non-paid positions but we are on IMDB and will give credit. The series will be distributed as a feature film this year. ABOUT THE SERIES:
Hell's Kitty is a comedy horror series about a Hollywood Writer whose love life is jeopardized by his possessed and possessive pussycat named Angel. The show guest stars Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), Lee Meriwether (Batman), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Nina Hartley (Boogie Nights), and Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel). Robert Reed Altman (Bones) son of renowned Director Robert Altman is one of our DPs, and Charlie Chiodo (Killer Klowns; Team America), Doug Jones (HellBoy, Pans Labyrinth), Bill Oberts Jr., Lynn Lowry, Kelli Maroney, and several scream queens. The series won the 2013 Audience Choice Award for Best Web-series and screens monthly at the Chinese theater. .
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 Vita Nuva with Highland Youth Arts Hub
(Perthshire - UK - Scotland), Feburary 26th, 2015 for 4 days. Ruardih (actor must / Sister of Julia / Bother of Ruaridh (k / The priest (knowledg / Julia Based off Director: Sunny Moodie. A fantastical short film dealing with the theme of the future of the language of Gaelic. Based off of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. .
 See No Evil: Episode 4 with Jack-A-Lope Productions
(Fort Lauderdale/Miami - USA Florida), March 2015 for 2 days. Xander Delgado Ma Director: Dorjan Javas Williams. Premise: A newly pregnant lesbian couple discover a crucial clue to tracking down a local child killer with the use of a mysterious antique camera with supernatural qualities. **Looking RE-CAST leading role of a 4 part mini-series. Original actor moved out of town. Need to replace for last 2 episodes. Looking for someone to resemble the original actor to a degree.** .
 Good Girls Club with Good Girls Club
(London - UK - England & Wales), Today for 1 month. Dr. Lucy Cooper, wor / Linda Cunningham, wo / Jane Foster, is a ho / Catherine Reading, w / Elizabeth Letts, wor / Alina, is a singer/m / Cara Tevez, works as / David Cameron, Prime / Rachel Richards, one / Naomi, Catherine´s d / Darren, Jane Foster´ / Mr. Jackson, teacher Director: Jay Williams. We are casting for a new and exciting TV – series called “Good Girls Club'. We are looking for both female and male actors. .
 Saniye Music Video with Smash Studios
(New York, NY - USA New York/New Jersey), 3/1 for 1 day. Male, must have suit / Must have suit or sh / Must have suit or sh Director: N/A. Saniye is a multi award-winning songwriter and vocalist. Her music has aired on MTV, commercials, tastemaker radio stations and is currently playing nationwide across the US in thousands of retail outlets including Gap, Panera Bread, Cache, Williams Sonoma, Hallmark, and more. A combination of quirky Pop, and elements of Jazz, Saniye composes songs for commercials, film and brands, as well as for other artists and has worked with Grammy-award winning producers. We are looking for an aspiring male actor to appear in the video. .
 The Cat in The Sun with Bournemouth Uni
(Bournemouth - UK - England & Wales), 13 Feb 2015 for 3. Greg: Tall with a l / Sammy: Short with / Greg: Age: 30-45 T / Sammy: Age 30-45 S Director: Isaac Williams. This short film is a quirky 5 minute comedy. It centres on two middle aged best friends who haven’t grown up and whose relationship breakdowns when one of them starts to realize the fact that they have to grow up. This is unfortunately an unpaid job but we are happy to reimburse travelling and food expenses. This will be a beautifully shot film to be produced by an experienced crew.
We would really apprecitate if you can join to help. .
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 London Acting Workshop 24-26th April - Best Hollywood Acting Coaches
(UK - England & Wales) John Homa and Jeff Dockweiler, two of the best acting coaches in Hollywood, are coming to London for a 3-Day Workshop to be held at the Theatre Delicatessen, 119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER on 24-26 April 2015. Dominic Monaghan – International Celebrity speaks out about John and Jeff. 'John and Dock have had huge success in Hollywood, the heart of the film industry. Their clients run as a 'who's who' of the acting world. Anyone interested in not only being an actor but being able to navigate the snarling beast of the 'Hollywood industry' should listen to anything they have to say'. - Dominic Monaghan With a combined 35 years on film/television sets, their proven approach has produced success for a star-studded client list that includes Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Williams, Eric Balfour, LeAnn Rimes and many more. REGISTER NOW!.
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 Movie 2004
10min, English, Comedy/Road (DV). P:Craig Schenkemeyer, Ryan Amelio, D:Ryan Amelio, Craig Schenkemeyer - Theyre setting out to complete a mission. - Three misfits attempt to murder another friends girlfriend. Shot on Sony Mini-Cam for Home Movie look.
 Unconditional Love
15min, English, Documentary/Family (DV). P:Craig Johnson, D:Craig Johnson - A father and son relationship - Thgis documentary art style follows Harry Johnson from his life in the eighties to the present day and how he is living in his new accommodation since being homeless and in prisons for the last ten years,
 Into The Badlands
71min, English, Science Fiction/Action Adventure (DV). P:Craig Stewart, D:Craig Stewart - It seemed like a simple rescue operation. It seemed like a safe mission. It seemed like nothing could go wrong. But in the Badlands, things are not always what they seem. - Lance Davis witnesses an abduction. But not just any abduction - the abduction of his girlfriend. Now he must face impossible odds to get her back. From the bureaucracy to the savages in the Badlands, Lance must brave all dangers, defeat all foes, to get his girlfriend home safely. But in the Badlands, things are not always what they seem.
 Tiltrotor and The Future
60min, English, Aviation/Documentary (DV). P:Craig Schmitman, D:Craig Schmitman - TILTROTOR AND THE FUTURE, the first and only independent documentary about the controversial high tech V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor aircraft. - TILTROTOR AND THE FUTURE, the first and only independent documentary about the controversial high tech V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor aircraft. Currently front page news, this film is your opportunity to learn the inside story about this remarkable hybrid aircrafts origins and how it became the V-22 Osprey.
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