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 Craig William Dayton
USA Maryland / USA Pennsylvania: Film and TV Score Composer t: 717-712-7070. cr: *Mob on the Run (DR); *The Bobby Miller Show (SH); *Mail Order Junkie (FF); orgs: ASCAP and NARAS [edit]
 Craig Williams
Canada - Ontario: Toronto-based Fixer, Location Manager and Location Scout with 10 years in the business of making Features, TV dramas, Documentaries, Commercials and Music Videos. Airport specialty. t: 416-904-4614. cr: *Feist's 1-2-3-4 (MU); *Siblings (FF); *Mayday (DR); [edit]
 Craig D. Williams
China - Hong Kong/Guangdong: Australian Music/Media Recording & Mixing engineer of over 15 years experience, based in Hong Kong. Focusing on Music Production. High end ProToolsHD user; SSL consoles; Equally at home recording & mixing in analog or digital domain. t: +852 6297 8871. cr: *4 Childrens Ministry Curriculum (CC); [edit]
 William Wiles and Associates
USA California - South: Experienced video and multi-media producer with extensive background in TV commercial and corporate media campaigns. t: 9497023313. cr: *Jenny Craig (CO); *Oakley, Inc. (CO); *Microsoft, Inc. (CC); [edit]
 Craig Bevelheimer
USA New York/New Jersey: Craig delivers highly polished and efficiently implemented creative motion graphics to the advertising & broadcast industries. t: 646 673 0332. cr: *MTV Networks (AN); *Sports Illustrated/ EA Sports (CO); *Sundance Channel/ Sharp Entertainment (AN); [edit]
 craig marsh
UK - England & Wales: Hello my name is Craig Marsh and I study at Portsmouth university. I am interested in doing work within TV/Film. Camera work, lighting and editing. t: 07805209688. cr: *Sherlock Holmes game (AN); *American Football (SP); *3 Minute Wonder (SH); [edit]
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 Production Sound Mixer/Boom Op with Third Eye Productions
(Anywhere - UK - England & Wales), 6th June - 8th June for 3 day shoot. We're after an enthusiastic and experienced Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator for a Creative England and BFI funded short. Below is an ideal kit list, but please get in touch even if you don't have everything we're after: Sound Devices 664 Mixer
Sony DWZ Wireless Mic Kit (3 x Transmitters, 2 x Dual Receiver)
Sony ECM77BC Lav Mic ( x 2)
Sanken Cos 11D Lav Mic ( x 2)
Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic
Sennheiser MKH 8040 Mic
Ktek Boompole
Rycote Windshield Kit ( x 2)
16 XLR to XLR, 3 BNC to BNC Cable Loom (10m)
Various Cables (XLR,Jack,BNC) We can pay £150 + expenses. Collectively, as a team, we've won awards and bursaries from the BFI, BAFTA and Cannes, so it's set to be something really special. Jed Hart (Director) -
Misha Vertkin (Producer) -
Craig Devine (DOP) -
Patrick Jonsson (Composer) - Look forward to hearing from you! .
 NEEDED! Film/TV/Animation Screen! with Paul Williams Music & Media
(Manchester - UK - England & Wales), 01/11/2013 for project to project basis. Hi!! As part of my new website that will launch within the next few months I am looking for some talented artists to provide me with some screen projects.. I have 10 years experience within music production & have spent the last 18monthe composing music, fx & mixing sound for screen projects I am looking screen compositions within:
* film
* TV & media
* gaming
* documentary & animation In return for your screen projects I will compose all music, audio & fx for your project then stream the video once my website launches upon my showreel page! From me you will receive:
* a FULL composed video/project mixed with HD sound
* full credit & promotion for your part in the project
* advertisement within my personal website & potential future recommendation to future clients I am also open to editing & mixing items such as documentaries or rescoring older projects.. the projects don't need to be your latest work! You may just fancy something new composing for them! Please note!! 1) my website is NOT live yet so any work examples I will send you via Dropbox! Just request to see my work! 2) I am ONLY looking to hear from people who have screen work completed or soon to be conmpleted work! Thank you for your time & I hope to work with you soon! :) please contact me direct with any queries! .
 Production Manager with Kind Productions
(London - UK - England & Wales), 1.7.14 for 2.5 months. We're seeking a Production Manager to facilitate the logistical requirements for a short entitled 'The Body', written & directed by Trevor Williams. Filming is provisionally scheduled for late August 2014, 4 days, in South East London locations. The Production Manager will work closely with the Producer, Director and other members of the team to ensure that the shoot takes place safely, timely and within budget. This is a low budget production, subject to funding (crowd-funding commences in July). Payment is only available for the 4 days of filming, totalling £280. Whilst your support is required during pre-production it is acknowledged that you may have other paid commitments, so we'll strive to accommodate that. Production meetings may take place in evenings or weekends, in person or via Skype. More details about the production can be found via the Kind Productions website. The successful candidate will ideally be London-based. .
 COLORIST for USC THESIS Film with David's Reverie - USC
(Raleigh/Charlotte, NC (SRNDG.) - USA North Carolina), ASAP for 1 week (or until completion). David's Reverie - University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, MFA Thesis Film We are looking for a professional colorist with access to DaVinci Resolve to color a 20 minute short film called 'David's Reverie' about a young trumpet player coming to terms with his epilepsy at the most important moment of his career. With each seizure, David is transported to a fantasy world where he hears music like he's never heard before. David fights to reconcile managing this disorder while fighting to play the music inside him. The film stars Brandon Fobbs (The Walking Dead, The Wire, Pride) An ideal candidate will be able to help us create a distinct look and feel for each seizure sequence, as well as accentuate the story with their color correction. Visually the film has two distinct looks to translate the story of the lead character, David, who experiences two different worlds. One look represents the life of an up-and-coming jazz musician gigging in a hip nightclub - Brighter colors and moody lighting. The other look simulates his fantasy seizure world - frantic, disoriented and trapped. On a technical level, we require someone with access to a properly calibrated monitor and equipment for our color correction needs. We need both primary and secondary color correction (i.e. Power Windows, etc). We would like our final outputed file to be a mov file that we can make Blu-Rays, DVDs and a DCP from. We have an Avid 1:1 Mixdown with an EDL list. Our project was captured on the HDCAM SR on the Panavision Genesis. The project is LO-PAY, but has fantastic visuals and will go to festivals. Please submit your reel and rates required. You can see the TRAILER here: Thank you. SYNOPSIS: 'David's Reverie' tells the story of a jazz musician who struggles to prevent his epilepsy diagnosis from derailing his emerging career. GENRE: Drama
TRT: 20 Minutes
TRAILER: Director: Neil Creque Williams
Producer: Channing Godfrey Peoples .
 Film Crew - Short Film with Erin Grey
(New York - USA New York/New Jersey), 7/26/2015 for 2 days. Producer is now accepting resumes for upcoming short film: Tragic. Tragic tells the story of notable abolitionists (Frederick Douglass, David Walker, Sojourner Truth & William Lloyd Garrison) who speak out against slavery - and those who choose another way to denounce the barbarity of slavery. Shoot days: July 26 & 27 Location: NYC There is no pay - but we are producing this 12 minute film in the hopes of submitting it to a series of film festivals. IMDB & screen credit. Expenses covered. Crew:
- DP with camera
- First AD
- Hair / Make-up
- Boom Operator / Sound Mixer with equipment
- Gaffer with equipment
- Script Supervisor
- Production Assistant
- Assistant Camera
- Storyboard artist DP's please submit link to reel. Great opportunity for an industry professional looking to build upon his / her existing IMDB profile. Please forward resume to E. Grey .
 1st AC (focus puller) with Quack Films
(Newcastle - UK - England & Wales), 11th 12th 13th June for 3 days. 1st AC needed at short notice for 'ishort'. 'The National Phobia Association's Annual Day Out' is comedy short selected as part of Creative Englands news ishorts strand (BFI supported). NFTS graduate, Leigh Alner is the DOP but unfortunately due to a conflict my 1st AC has just had to pull out and i'm looking for a replacement with some urgency. The film is to shoot in Newcastle and the North East this week on wednesday, thursday and friday. Local crew is preferable but if not we can cover travel and accommodation. The film is a 15 min road trip comedy - David Bowie's greatest fan misses the bus to his final gig. Determined to get there she lies her way onto a private coach but what she doesn't realise is it's 'The National Phobia Association's Annual Day Out'. Although it’s only a little film it has the potential to be really quite fun. The cast is also very strong. Lucy Porter (standup) is confirmed as are James Baxter (Open all Hours, Red Dwarf, Emerdale), Seymour Mace (stand up), Daniel John Williams and Laura Evelyn. The female lead, Rhonda, is Patsy Ferran. Fresh out of RADA, she's currently making waves in the west end revival of Blythe Spirit, along side Angela Lansbury. All expenses covered. If interested please contact
DOP Leigh -
Producer Aman - .
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 Smith-Baxter with Saint Andrew College
(Toronto/ Aurora - Canada - Ontario), Monday June 10th, 2014 for 2. Teen party girl who / Teen party girl who Director: William Scoular. William Scoular is creating a TV Pilot with Saint Andrew College and is looking to cast 2 female roles. The role requires a mature teen. There is no nudity but the subject matter is a little edgy. The filing will occur between June 10th-11th, 2014 Casting will happen on Tuesday June 3rd between 1pm-5pm. Please submit head shot and resume. .
 The Norman's with DPR Films
(Toronto - Canada - Ontario), July 2014 for July 2014 - August 2014. Julie - Fran's Mothe / Ivan - Fran's Father / Heather - Neighbour / Alex - youngest of t / Danielle - Girl the / Bianca - Youngest of / Cameron - Most annoy / Ethan - cousin who s / Lauren - Other girl / George - Father of t / Kevin - Little boy t / Fran - Mother of the Director: Quinn Williams. Casting for The Norman's...filming begins July 2014 .
 Theme tune for online sit com with 2cousins@eddy
(Cardiff - UK - England & Wales), ASAP for a week. Band/Artist Director: Thomas Savoury, Leon Williams. We are looking for a band/acoustic solo artist male or female to record a theme song for our online mini comedy web series. This is unpaid as the production is zero budget. If interested please get in touch and we'll supply you with the lyrics and the duration we need the song to be. we're pretty open to suggestions on the style of the piece and will explain in more detail the premiss of the series to those who are interested. If you feel like you could use the exposer and would like to be involved please respond within the next two weeks (14 June 2014) Thank you. Please email us directly to and .
 Misfits in Production with Lost Mind Productions
(Chicago - USA Illinois), 6/8/14 for one week. DEAN WILLIAMS Dean / SPENCER KIRKWOOD Th / VICE-DEAN RHODES Di / DAVE Dean Williams / MRS ROSWELL Respect / AL ROSWELL Boy geni / JOHN SAVAGE Mr. Kir / MRS GILLIAN Rhodes' / MISTER ROSWELL Resp / MELANIE ROSWELL M Director: Bernardo Alvarez. Newly hired teaching assistant John Savage gets more than he bargained for when he is paired with the pompous head of the university's film department, Spencer Kirkwood .
 TBD with Tree Falls Productions Inc.
(GTA - Canada - Ontario), Late June / July for 3-6 days. Park Ranger (Age: 3 / Park Ranger (Age: 3 / Park Ranger (Age: 3 / William (Age: 25-35 / William (Age: 25-35 / Sarah (Age: 25-35) / Park Ranger (Age: 3 / Sarah (Age: 25-35) Director: Kyle. Description: A couple goes backcountry camping. They set up a tent in the woods, they move it, then they rot in it. .
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 Edinburgh Short Film Festival Finale Sat June 21st 1.30PM
(UK - Scotland) Edinburgh Short Film Festival Finale Sat June 21st 1.30PM We're delighted to be able to announce that the BBC film presenter Mark Kermode is coming to present and Q and A at our final screening on Saturday June 21 at the Cameo. The screening of Reels on Wheels, a feature-length doc that follows the trials and tribulations of the gargantuan arts project, the Hansel of Film - described as the D-Day landings of short film - which saw countless hundreds of volunteers crossing the British Isles and screening short films in a relay stretching from Shetland to Southampton and back again via Wales and Ireland! Mark Kermode and noted film critic Linda Ruth Williams led the project and will introduce the film and hold a discussion and q and a following the screening! Book tickets now online Or at the Cameo Box Office Hope to see you there!.
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 Come As You Are
84min, English, Comedy/Drama (S16mm). P:Richard Prince, Echo Gaffney, Chuck Rose, D:Chuck Rose - A former guru tries to hide the fact that his new business is really internet porn when his old college friend come for a reunion. - Craig Dowd was flying high in the 1990’s. He went from class nerd to millionaire in a few short years. And now with the picture complete – he is about to marry the beautiful and sexy Kelli – he has invited his old college friends for a celebratory weekend-long reunion. P But things are not what they appear. Craig actually went bankrupt when the bubble burst. Deep in debt, knowing nothing but the Internet, he turned to the only profitable online business left – porn. His fancy house in the hills is actually a rental – used to shoot adult videos. And his fiancé is a former adult actress who is also his business partner. P Craig tries desperately to keep his college friends from discovering the truth. They are all so proud of his success, especially since their own lives have not exactly lived up to their youthful dreams. But as more and more strange couples arrive to shoot their videos, it becomes increasing difficult for Craig to keep his two worlds from colliding. P A mixture of humor and poignant drama, COME AS YOU ARE is an honest and heartfelt look at the 1990’s generation and how they went from idealism to cynicism. The amazing ensemble cast includes industry veterans such as James Russo (Donnie Brasco, Open Range, Stealing Sinatra) and James Marshall (A Few Good Men, Twin Peaks) as well as talented newcomers including Michelle Harrison (who debuted opposite Ben Affleck in last year’s Paycheck).
101min, English, Horror/Thriller (DV). P:Jim Pedersen, Jan T. Jensen, D:Kim Sønderholm - A little loneliness can be hazardous - CRAIG is about a guy, lonely and somewhat awkward, losing his parents in a big fire. His sister is in the house too, she survives but with severe brain damage. Besides a friend from childhood, in one go he looses everyone he cares about. The friend, Cliff, isnt of much use either. He has his own problems to deal with, hes not a bad guy, hes just in over his head as it is with his own problems. Craig has suffered some severe trauma and takes Lithium on a daily basis, but when he loses his pills, things slowly, but safely, starts taking a turn for the worse and the voices inside his head is getting louder and louder
90min, English, Thriller/Drama (Hi-Def). P:Scott Perry, D:Craig Quinn - Sean Fielding(Craig Quinn) a former entrepeneur is released from a mental institute on compassionate grounds by Dr.Nielsen - Sean Fielding(Craig Quinn) a former entrepreneur is released from a mental institute on compassionate grounds by Dr.Nielsen(Michael Quinn). Sean believes he can overcome his demons, He becomes close with a female by the name of Sarah Carlisle(Kerry Ely) and his life seems it couldnt be any better, However Seans desperations to contact his long lost little brother Liam (Ashley Wood) begin to undermine him sending him to breaking point and on a collision course with Undercover Policeman and former school bully Warren Blake(Scott Perry)
101min, English, Drama/Mystery (DV). P:Stuart Laws, D:Alastair Clayton - A young man grapples with the fear of never making anything of hilmself. - Unemployed, directionless and facing spiralling debt - Craig shares a flat with his fiancée, Rachel. She has a new job and a promising future but Craig's daily life has become a hopeless cycle of interviews, lie-ins and unwise loans that leave him feeling terrified that he might never make anything of himself. As events spiral out of control Craig has to accept that, in trying to make a better life for himself and Rachel, he has put at stake the one thing he really cares about: her.
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