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 CAM Productions Ltd
UK - England & Wales / UK - England & Wales / UK - England & Wales: CAM is a UK based full service production company. We have years of experience in supporting creative media projects for clients from a wide range of sectors. We are very flexible in the services we provide so please do not hesitate to contact us. t: 07850379061. cr: *PGRO/Syngenta Bean Harvest Video (CC); *Ann Widdecombe Talks About Leprosy (ED); *Lord Williams in Interview (ED) orgs: PACT & BECTU [edit]
 William Wiles and Associates
USA California - South / USA California - South / USA California - South: Experienced video and multi-media producer with extensive background in TV commercial and corporate media campaigns. t: 9497023313. cr: *Microsoft, Inc. (CC); *Jenny Craig (CO); *Oakley, Inc. (CO) [edit]
 Craig William Dayton
USA Pennsylvania / USA Maryland / USA Pennsylvania / USA Maryland / USA Pennsylvania / USA Maryland: Film and TV Score Composer t: 717-712-7070. cr: *Mob on the Run (DR); *Mob on the Run (DR); *Mail Order Junkie (FF); *Mail Order Junkie (FF); *The Bobby Miller Show (SH); *The Bobby Miller Show (SH) orgs: ASCAP and NARAS [edit]
 Craig Williams
Canada - Ontario / Canada - Ontario / Canada - Ontario: Toronto-based Fixer, Location Manager and Location Scout with 10 years in the business of making Features, TV dramas, Documentaries, Commercials and Music Videos. Airport specialty. t: 416-904-4614. cr: *Feist's 1-2-3-4 (MU); *Siblings (FF); *Mayday (DR) [edit]
 Craig D. Williams
China - Hong Kong/Guangdong / China - Hong Kong/Guangdong: Australian Music/Media Recording & Mixing engineer of over 15 years experience, based in Hong Kong. Focusing on Music Production. High end ProToolsHD user; SSL consoles; Equally at home recording & mixing in analog or digital domain. t: +852 6297 8871. cr: *4 Childrens Ministry Curriculum (CC); *4 Childrens Ministry Curriculum (CC) [edit]
 Karen Craig
USA Texas: Transcription of video/audio. t: 210-478-1976. cr: *Divine Prescription (DO) [edit]
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 Production Assistant with Kingdom Creative
(Bedfordshire - UK - England & Wales), ASAP for Permanent following probation. Here at Kingdom we create video & web content that takes our clients’ objectives &
brings them to life.
For over a decade, we have built a strong heritage working within the motorsport and
automotive industries. However, the company has steadily broadened its base of clients
and we now operate within a full range of industries.
Projects have taken us across the globe. Recently, we have filmed car rallies in Africa and
the Arctic, luxury yachts in Cannes, motor racing in Brazil, China and Bahrain, plus we
have worked at key sporting events including the London Olympics and the Tour de
France. We have also worked with sporting teams from Premier League football, cycling
and sailing, musicians from world-renowned orchestras and covered red carpet events.
Our key clients include Porsche, Bentley, MINI and Williams F1.
We love what we do, so please take a look at our website to view details on other key
brands that we work for and enjoy a wide selection of Kingdom produced films. Summary of Position
Assists across many projects where needed. Office/Production department responsibilities
- Location logging.
- Managing freelance database.
- Archiving planning documentation.
- Support Production Manager and Head of Production with client and project related
research. Project planning
- Assisting the Project Managers with any aspects of the shoot.
- Sourcing locations, actors, equipment, voiceover artists or crew.
- Creating and distributing all project related documentation.
- Setting up projects on Kingdom’s internal systems.
- Monitor and update Kingdom’s internal systems with all relevant information
throughout a project.
- Liaising with clients to gather information ready for filming.
- Applying for accreditations/ visas/ carnets/ filming permissions.
- Managing the booking of flights, hotels and hire cars when required.
- Arranging how each member of staff will travel to filming locations or external meetings
(where possible using using the pool car).
- Assisting with scheduling the shoot timetable.
- Give project briefings to staff. On set responsibilities
- Assisting with client management.
- Interviewing.
- Assisting with running schedule on set.
- Managing catering and venue contacts. Ideal Candidate
- First class organisational skills is a must.
- Preferably have experience in assisting to set up international shoots.
- Must be able to drive and have your own car.
- Must live within a 90 minute commute of SG15 6XP. Application
Please send your a cover letter & a copy of your CV to .
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 Corporate Video with Blind Luck Pictures Ltd.
(Toronto - Canada - Ontario), Saturday May 23 2015 for 1 Day. Working in an office / Working in an office / Working in an office / Working in an office / Working in an office / Working in an office Director: Alex Williams. We are looking for 1 man and 2 women to act in a corporate video. .
 Trade-for-Reel Spec Commercial with Freelance
(NYC, Woodstock - USA New York/New Jersey), May 30 for 1 Week. New Mother - young, / Young Dad - clean-cu / Doctor - Middle aged / Nurse - young or mid / Teen/Young Adult Mal / Teen/Young Adult Fem / Mean Boss - grumpy, / New Girl - cute and / Mom - healthy fitnes / Dad - confident busi Director: William Simmons. We are looking for several models/actors in various roles, casting for 2 spec commercials. The commercials will tell stories in the style of a montage or music video. Parts of several ages are available. We are working with a real crew and cinema camera, so it should give something nice to add to your reel for little effort. Most parts will require only half day of work (5 hrs). A few roles will be either two half days(5 hrs) or one full day (10 hrs).
Tentative shoot days:May 30-June 2 in Woodstock, NY, June 6-7 in Manhattan.
Ages 18-55 encouraged to apply. All ethnicities. This being a personal project, compensation is trade-for-reel. Of course we will also feed you while on set. Please send your resumes and headshots/reels and we will be in touch! .
 Hellmington with Blind Luck Pictures Ltd.
(Toronto - Canada - Ontario), May 28 2015 for 1-2 Days. Mother of missing da / Teacher from school / Cop from local commu / Young cop that has j / Relative of Katie Ow Director: Alex Lee Williams. We have been competing in the Cine Coup Film Accelerator for 10 weeks now and are looking for some talent to fill some character roles. They will be short roles that will be in an interview style. On June 6, 1985 Hellmington Asylum closed their doors for good. On June 6, 2009 it was re-opened as the very first 'Psychological Extreme Haunted Asylum'. Participants would be pushed to their limits, living out their own personal horror fantasies. Katie Owens, a true horror fanatic and online blogger was invited as one of the first people to partake in the Hellmington experience. That was 6 years ago, and her disappearance remains unsolved. Police reports ruled it a cold case. After many years with no answers, a group of documentary filmmakers decide to join forces with the local police department to investigate and analyze the footage from that night to see #whathappenedtokatieowens. .
 Just Playing Cards with Saturation Productions
(New York Area - USA New York/New Jersey), Fall 2015 for 1 Day. Luna is quick and co / Dawn is the quieter / Some might say Ann i / Carolyn is the profe / Lex is the one who s / You're a regular “He / We lovingly call you Director: William Weinpahl. In collaboration with Saturation Productions, the short film “Just Playing Cards” is looking for SEVEN (7) actors for spoken roles. short Synopsis: During a quiet girl's night out, Luna admits to killing her boyfriend just hours before. As her friends try to get through to her, all she wants to do is finish the game of cards they started... without too much drama. -This is a one (1) day shoot, date TBD but not flexible once set. Upon receiving an application via Mandy's, we will contact you further. for more info on the following steps. Please add 2 headshots with different looks and a resume when requested. Casting will be done in several stages:
STAGE 1 – YOUTUBE casting video (you will receive a monologue to perform) STAGE 2 – SKYPE casting
-Candidates passing Stage 1 will be invited for a casting session via Skype. They will be sent the script (pages) prior to casting STAGE 3 – SKYPE TABLE READ
-Candidates passing Stage 2 will be invited for a group table read via Skype to determine
oIf candidate is right for the part
oChemistry with other cast members first casting: over mid June
second casting: over mid July
third casting: over mid August
Early September: final casting determination afterwhich filming will start soon! .
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 Film Night and Networking Event 7/June/2015 William IV, London NW10 5JX
(UK - England & Wales) We are showcasing 4 short films including a French film, and a film featuring Calum Best in a Cameo. Each film will be followed by a Q+A session with either the producer or director. We also feature a master class/talk given by a producer of 17 films. We also provide a huge platform and environment for Networking. We are expecting around 150 people..
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 Movie 2004
10min, English, Comedy/Road (DV). P:Craig Schenkemeyer, Ryan Amelio, D:Ryan Amelio, Craig Schenkemeyer - Theyre setting out to complete a mission. - Three misfits attempt to murder another friends girlfriend. Shot on Sony Mini-Cam for Home Movie look.
 Unconditional Love
15min, English, Documentary/Family (DV). P:Craig Johnson, D:Craig Johnson - A father and son relationship - Thgis documentary art style follows Harry Johnson from his life in the eighties to the present day and how he is living in his new accommodation since being homeless and in prisons for the last ten years,
 Into The Badlands
71min, English, Science Fiction/Action Adventure (DV). P:Craig Stewart, D:Craig Stewart - It seemed like a simple rescue operation. It seemed like a safe mission. It seemed like nothing could go wrong. But in the Badlands, things are not always what they seem. - Lance Davis witnesses an abduction. But not just any abduction - the abduction of his girlfriend. Now he must face impossible odds to get her back. From the bureaucracy to the savages in the Badlands, Lance must brave all dangers, defeat all foes, to get his girlfriend home safely. But in the Badlands, things are not always what they seem.
 Wan Chai Baby
75min, English, Drama/Diaspora - Asia (Hi-Def). P:Craig Addison, D:Craig Addison - Housemaid in Hong Kong faces tough life choice as she struggles to support her family in the Philippines. - Tess arrives in Hong Kong a year before the 1997 handover to China to work as a housemaid. She is financially supporting her family in the Philippines. When her Hong Kong employer dies unexpectedly, Tess’ life changes course in a way she never imagined.
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