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 Craig William Dayton
USA Maryland / USA Pennsylvania: Film and TV Score Composer t: 717-712-7070. cr: *Mob on the Run (DR); *Mail Order Junkie (FF); *The Bobby Miller Show (SH); orgs: ASCAP and NARAS [edit]
 Craig Williams
Canada - Ontario: Toronto-based Fixer, Location Manager and Location Scout with 10 years in the business of making Features, TV dramas, Documentaries, Commercials and Music Videos. Airport specialty. t: 416-904-4614. cr: *Siblings (FF); *Mayday (DR); *Feist's 1-2-3-4 (MU); [edit]
 Craig D. Williams
China - Hong Kong/Guangdong: Australian Music/Media Recording & Mixing engineer of over 15 years experience, based in Hong Kong. Focusing on Music Production. High end ProToolsHD user; SSL consoles; Equally at home recording & mixing in analog or digital domain. t: +852 6297 8871. cr: *4 Childrens Ministry Curriculum (CC); [edit]
 William Wiles and Associates
USA California - South: Experienced video and multi-media producer with extensive background in TV commercial and corporate media campaigns. t: 9497023313. cr: *Microsoft, Inc. (CC); *Jenny Craig (CO); *Oakley, Inc. (CO); [edit]
 Craig Bevelheimer
USA New York/New Jersey: Craig delivers highly polished and efficiently implemented creative motion graphics to the advertising & broadcast industries. t: 646 673 0332. cr: *MTV Networks (AN); *Sports Illustrated/ EA Sports (CO); *Sundance Channel/ Sharp Entertainment (AN); [edit]
 craig marsh
UK - England & Wales: Hello my name is Craig Marsh and I study at Portsmouth university. I am interested in doing work within TV/Film. Camera work, lighting and editing. t: 07805209688. cr: *3 Minute Wonder (SH); *Sherlock Holmes game (AN); *American Football (SP); [edit]
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 Film/TV/Animation WANTED! with Paul Williams Sound
(London - UK - England & Wales), ASAP for Until Completion Of Projects. Hey People!!! My name is Paul Williams & I am a Dubbing Mixer, Composer & Side Designer within TV & Film Post Production. I currently work for one of the biggest Post Production Houses in London, UK!. I also have my own Post Production Studio.. which leads us onto this advert! I am currently looking to expand my own personal portfolio & find talented individuals to work with from my remote studio. As I am currently working on my own personal website this seems the perfect opportunity to work with new people! I have previously worked with BBC One HD, ITV, Nickelodeon, Method Man & countless independent projects. I also recently completed my first film due to 2014 release... for a snippet of some of my professional projects feel free to visit my Vimeo... What I am looking for:
Any sort of screen work you feel needs sound/music adding, mixing or even potentially a piece that has location sound with now requires the Post Production process. So whether your a Director, Editor, Animator... if it needs sound then thats where I come in! I am looking for screen projects & you need sound for them... its that simple! This is a credit for credit basis opportunity here.. so NO pay/expenses will be paid by either party... just an opportunity for added work for our portfolios/reels! All projects will be delivered to the NEW 2014 Broadcast Sound Levels that are currently being implemented world-wide Thankyou for your time & If you would like to speak to me feel free to contact me directly via email: Regards Paul ps. PLEASE NOTE:
having asked for screen work on here before... please do NOT send me CVs/Emails unless you actually have a project you potentially need work on... I am NOT looking to employ people or take anyone else on additionally... this is purely an opportunity for relevant people to expand their own portfolios .
 Production Intern with 4th Row Films
(New York, NY - USA New York/New Jersey), ASAP for 3-4 months. 4th Row Films is looking for bright, ambitious and creative college students and graduates to join our internship program. The position is available for Fall, Winter and Summer semesters, and will last 3-4 months each, with a possibility of future full-time paid work for the right individual. We are an independent film production company working on a wide array of projects, from feature-length narrative films and documentaries, to non-scripted television series and brand marketing films. The 4th Row Films Internship Program is a unique opportunity to gain solid professional experience in a busy and successful production office. We are on the lookout for talented individuals to participate in development, production, post-production and marketing. Our interns are given the opportunity to work independently and think creatively. Your responsibilities will include doing research, reading scripts and writing coverage, assisting on shoots, corresponding with clients and industry contacts, logging and capturing footage, organizing the office, running errands, answering phones and much, much more. Internships with us are demanding, but very rewarding. Responsibilities change from day to day, and as you progress you will be trusted with increasingly important projects. A specific interest in television, documentaries, post-production and/or marketing is a big plus. For those with a strong interest in marketing, 4th Row is a great place to gain real-world experience in creating branding films and Internet campaigns. You will help coordinate marketing shoots, deal directly with high profile clients, and learn valuable professional skills. Past 4th Row interns have come from colleges and universities across the country, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, NYU, Vassar, Wesleyan, Roger Williams, SCAD, Penn State, and many others. Our interns have gone on to great jobs at MTV, CAA, William Morris Endeavor, The Sundance Channel, Sony Television, A&E Indiefilms, and multiple film and television productions. A number of our former interns continue to apply the skills they gained here to freelance as production assistants, videographers and editors, for our company and others. This position is UNPAID, and at this time there is no stipend for travel or food expenses. You must commit to 3 full weekdays per week, for approximately 3-4 months. We are flexible with start and end dates, but generally the semesters are as follows: Fall semester: September thru December
Winter semester: January thru April
Summer Semester: May thru August We will try to work with your schedule, but consistent attendance is required. When applying for a 4th Row Films internship, please clearly state which semester you are applying for, and what area you are most interested in working in (Marketing, Film/TV, Post-Production). .
 TV Editor for Talk Show with The YES! Show
(Pasadena - USA California - South), October 18, 2014 for Could take less time. We are seeking a creative, "out of the box" editor for a new talk show shot in the beautiful city of Pasadena. The show is young, fun and unique because of its Christian foundation. It is an hour program with promo breaks, making it a 42 minute TRT show. Editor will also insert promos making it a full 60 min TRT. We are not seeking the basic editor; basic clean edits are a given. We are seeking an editor that colors outside the lines to make the show "pop" like The Wendy Williams Show. Ideal candidates will be proficient to advanced and willing to try new things to make the show stand-out. We are seeking to have 18-20 shows edited in exchange for IMDb credit for every single show completed. Please submit only if you
1. Have editing software.
2. Can complete all shows by Saturday, December 13, 2014.
3. Submit two reel samples of edits that are comparable to talk show style.
4. Are interested in building your resume, IMDb credit and reel!
5. Work quickly and productively.
6. Ok with an unpaid gig, but ok with saying..."See that great show, I edited that!"
7. Can tell me about yourself and experience! Pass along to a friend if you're not interested. Company Info: Brand new show in it's second season. We are a talk show that mixes lifestyle, entertainment and Christianity into one hour of fun! Visit our website! .
 Director of Photography with iN-Hale Entertainment, LLC
(New York City - USA New York/New Jersey), 11/2/14 for 4 Day Shoot 11/2-3 & 11/8-9. Award-winning production company is seeking a Director of Photography for an extended short film written & directed by Nathan Hale Williams. 4 Day Shoot 11/2-3 & 11/8-9. We are looking for a creative and experienced DP who has an eye for movement as the film is about a dancer (see description below). We are looking for someone with their own equipment and access to grip/electric contacts. $500-600 per day (negotiable). Producers are well connected to top festivals. Great opportunity for emerging, but skilled talent. Overview Love for Passion is a film about a young African-American dancer, Jeffrey Love, on the eve of his New York City debut. Jeffrey is distracted by his estranged father, Darryl Love who shows up after being absent for ten years. In a highly dramatic confrontation, Darryl now seeks forgiveness from his son for a multitude of transgressions. Love for Passion also celebrates the breakthrough of fathers loving their sons while confronting the breakdown of the father/son relationship. More than a film, Love for Passion is a movement that is meant to inspire, uplift and transform lives. It's a dance, a two step in many ways, that says fathers if you take one step to speak openly with your sons the next step can change the world. The movement will use the film as a platform to create a curriculum for young men of color around their relationships with their fathers, masculinity and more. We will establish residencies that facilitate artistic creation through various forms of dance and writing that help these young men move forward and hopefully prevent the next generation of fathers from making the same mistakes as their fathers. .
 G&E and Camera Departments with AFI
(Los Angeles - USA California - South), November 8 for Four Days. Calling for crew (AFI Cycle Short Film)  This is an AFI cycle film project. We are looking for talented crow in G&E and camera department.  This is 4-day production, shooting 11/8/-11/11/14, 12 work hours a day maximum, lunch included.  This job is UNPAID, but will be a great experience to have connection with AFI filmmakers, and a good chance to collaborate with freelancers around LA. Expenses will be covered. Positions: (1) Best Boy Electric – who has experience work with electricity, run power on film set. Has knowledge of checking cables and lights. Will work closely with an AFI gaffer. 
(2) Best Boy Grip – Who is comfortable working in the professional film set, knows most of the grip gears, strong organized person. And will work closely with an AFI key grip. 
(3) G&E Swing – Have experience worked in G&E department before, know cables, lights, and grip gears. Will work in electric or grip as needed. 
(4) Camera PA - you will be working very closely with the DP and 1st AC in camera department, to take extremely detailed note about camera set up, lens and lighting.  You have to be organized and on point. This is great position to see what the AFI Cinematography program is all about.  Must be available for all four production days. 
Please clarify in which position you are applying for in your response email. 
Please let us know if you have worked with AFI projects within the last 12 months. 
We are looking forward to meeting and working with you.  Contact info: 
Annick Jaegy / Producer -
William Christensen - .
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 Doctor McLove with Doctor McLove Productions
(Toronto - Canada - Ontario), December 1, 2014 for 5 days. MATILDA is a young w / MATILDA is a young w Director: Robin Williams. 'Doctor McLove' is a short, dark comedy that is narrated in rhyming couplets. The story follows Matilda, an obsessed fangirl of a fictional TV show called 'The Adventures of Doctor McLove'. After realizing that she owns nearly all existing Doctor McLove memorabilia, Matilda goes to astounding lengths to complete her collection. .
 Slayer with Deck 52 Entertainment
(Brooklyn - USA New York/New Jersey), 11/01/2014 for 7 days. RHONA – The leader o / VAMPIRE 2- A vampire / DERRICK – Vampire wh / JENNIFER – Caught as / RHONA – The leader o / CHAROLTTE – the elde / DEJA – Vampire whom / WILLIAM- RHONA’s bro / PENELOPE – A vampire / VAMPIRE 3- A vampire / PENELOPE – A vampire / DERRICK – Vampire wh / CHAROLTTE – the elde / VAMPIRE 2- A vampire / VAMPIRE 3- A vampire / WILLIAM- RHONA’s bro / VAMPIRE 1- A vampire / VAMPIRE 1- A vampire / DEJA – Vampire whom / JENNIFER – Caught as Director: Willie Townes / Cory Hunter. Deck 52 Entertainment is a independent film studio based out of Brooklyn, New York. We currently have various projects in post production. So, as these projects head towards completion we are moving forward to this project, Slayer. Slayer is a short film about a group of bounty hunters whom hunt vampires. Aside from the action the story explores what it means to have a family and what it means to be human. We intend on placing this short in film festivals, so this can be major for everyone involved. .
 One of The Eight with KrazyArrow Productions
(New York - USA New York/New Jersey), November 8th & 9th for Weekend. Kevin Marcus, late 2 / Michelle Leland, 25- / Aaron Leland, 25-30s Director: TL Williams. Hello All, 'One of The Eight' is a short film with hopes of becoming a longer short after some crowd-funding happens. I am initially shooting this short for a final project in a directing class. This film is set in an alternate future after a zombie apocalypse occurs. Logline: Two survivors meet again 20 years after being separated as children. .
 'A Grade Too Far' with Edge Hill University
(Ormskirk, Lancashire - UK - England & Wales), 17th November 2014 for ONE WEEK. PROFESSOR WILLIAM BE / PROFESSOR WILLIAM BE / ELENA BRIGGS. A stru / DAISY FONTAINE. Dais / DAISY FONTAINE. Dais / ELENA BRIGGS. A stru Director: Rachael Faulkner. A Grade Too Far follows the scandalous tale of a student who catches her professor in a heated affair with her classmate. It's a coming of age film that shows the depths a student will sink in order to graduate top of her class. This is a third year production: and will be entered into festivals both locally and nationally. .
 Oxford with Ryerson University
(Toronto - Canada - Ontario), October 25th for 3 days. Voice Only. The narr / William (7-12) is a Director: Lauren Belanger. Oxford is a rhyming and stylized fable that follows a young boy's journey as he tries to bring his deceased lizard back to life. We can accept union and non-union actors through our student agreement with ACTRA. This is a non-paying student film and no permit is required. Actors will receive a copy of the finished film for their demo reel. Craft will be provided on set each day. If transportation is required we can arrange a ride for the actor during filming. .
 Alexa To Exa with School of Visual Arts
(Gramercy/Flatiron, NYC - USA New York/New Jersey), November 14th, 2014 for 1 Day. William is an early / Perry is a sexually / Miranda, a potential Director: Exa Zim. I'm a thesis screenwriting student at the School of Visual Arts. For my final project I'm creating a half documentative half narrative film about my process of transition throughout my time in NYC. While the majority of the film is done in the form of a documentary, there are several scripted narrative sequences. The purpose of these segments are to show the absurdity in everyday situations I experience, but can not necessarily capture in real time. This particular scene parodies the typical thesis/film school film that many of my classmates make every year. It is melodramatic, has poor character development and unwarranted sexual tension. There are three characters. A bartender, a wife and her husband who are sitting in a bar on a rainy night looking for trouble. .
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 Come As You Are
84min, English, Comedy/Drama (S16mm). P:Richard Prince, Echo Gaffney, Chuck Rose, D:Chuck Rose - A former guru tries to hide the fact that his new business is really internet porn when his old college friend come for a reunion. - Craig Dowd was flying high in the 1990’s. He went from class nerd to millionaire in a few short years. And now with the picture complete – he is about to marry the beautiful and sexy Kelli – he has invited his old college friends for a celebratory weekend-long reunion. P But things are not what they appear. Craig actually went bankrupt when the bubble burst. Deep in debt, knowing nothing but the Internet, he turned to the only profitable online business left – porn. His fancy house in the hills is actually a rental – used to shoot adult videos. And his fiancé is a former adult actress who is also his business partner. P Craig tries desperately to keep his college friends from discovering the truth. They are all so proud of his success, especially since their own lives have not exactly lived up to their youthful dreams. But as more and more strange couples arrive to shoot their videos, it becomes increasing difficult for Craig to keep his two worlds from colliding. P A mixture of humor and poignant drama, COME AS YOU ARE is an honest and heartfelt look at the 1990’s generation and how they went from idealism to cynicism. The amazing ensemble cast includes industry veterans such as James Russo (Donnie Brasco, Open Range, Stealing Sinatra) and James Marshall (A Few Good Men, Twin Peaks) as well as talented newcomers including Michelle Harrison (who debuted opposite Ben Affleck in last year’s Paycheck).
101min, English, Horror/Thriller (DV). P:Jim Pedersen, Jan T. Jensen, D:Kim Sønderholm - A little loneliness can be hazardous - CRAIG is about a guy, lonely and somewhat awkward, losing his parents in a big fire. His sister is in the house too, she survives but with severe brain damage. Besides a friend from childhood, in one go he looses everyone he cares about. The friend, Cliff, isnt of much use either. He has his own problems to deal with, hes not a bad guy, hes just in over his head as it is with his own problems. Craig has suffered some severe trauma and takes Lithium on a daily basis, but when he loses his pills, things slowly, but safely, starts taking a turn for the worse and the voices inside his head is getting louder and louder
101min, English, Drama/Mystery (DV). P:Stuart Laws, D:Alastair Clayton - A young man grapples with the fear of never making anything of hilmself. - Unemployed, directionless and facing spiralling debt - Craig shares a flat with his fiancée, Rachel. She has a new job and a promising future but Craig's daily life has become a hopeless cycle of interviews, lie-ins and unwise loans that leave him feeling terrified that he might never make anything of himself. As events spiral out of control Craig has to accept that, in trying to make a better life for himself and Rachel, he has put at stake the one thing he really cares about: her.
 Last Hit
82min, English, Kung Fu/Martial Arts (Beta SP). P:Michael Fitzgerald, D:Michael Fitzgerald, Joe Barta - Kung Fu student Carlos accidently kills his new employers brother and must pay for his actions. - Williams is the old town boss, though his power had been slipping. Carlos saves Williams ass in a bar and is offered a job. Carlos proves to be quite capable, much to the dismay of Williams current crew. They turn on Carlos, but are no match. As Williams and Carlos celebrate thier new found power, they are ambushed but the men of a rival. In a drunken rage, Carlos kill the rival, Jack, only to find that Jack is Williams brother. Williams hires three outside men to take care of Carlos. Carlos poisons Williams and goes to meet the Three.
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