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Adobe Systems Incorporated

Outstanding software tools for desktop film editing and web production.
t: 408.536.6000   (USA California - North)



Alien Skin Software

Develops, markets and supports easy-to-use software that adds time-saving features to graphics applications. Founded in 1993, Alien Skin is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and distributes its products worldwide.
t: 919 832 4124   f: 919.832.4065   (USA North Carolina)



BOXX Technologies

BOXX Technologies delivers technology to the innovators in the digital media community with high-performance, flexible workstations and turnkey solutions that enhance creativity and fuel innovation.
t: 512-835-0400   f: 512-835-0434   (USA Texas)




Concave Art Production founded 2007 under a vision to provide high quality and valuable media in order to improve audience's awareness and taste . *CADBURY (CO); *CPA (CO); *MOBINIL (CO);
t: +20107679109   (Egypt)



Cycore Inc.

Cycore is a graphics software company based in Sweden. Cycore's Cult3D animation technology is the industry's first real time, multi-platform 3D-rendering engine for the Internet.
t: +46-18-656560   (Sweden)



Field Template

Designers: The New Field Template Family revolutionizes the way theatrical lighting plots are drafted. SoftSymbols is a 1500 library of symbols made for use with Vectorworks. Click on the "stop sign" at the homepage for valuable information.orgs: IATSE Local 829.
t: 310-832-4700   f: 310-732-2247   (USA New York/New Jersey)




Psychsoftpc is a manufacturer of high end computers for 3d creation, film production, computer animation and 3d rendering including the 64 bit Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation and the Psychlone Cluster Linux Supercomputer. *Psychsoftpc (AN);
t: 617 471-8733   (USA Massachusetts)




Specialize in TV Broadcast interface products including signal encoders, decoders and convertors. Some of our other products range from teletext decoders and sync-pulse generators to digital keyers and logo generators.
t: 01932 782823   f: 01932 772824   (UK - England & Wales)



Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe

Gateway to Sony Europe for broadcast users: pro video, pro audio, data storage, digital photography, cctv, projection/display.
(UK - England & Wales)



XS International, Inc.

XS International, Inc. (XS) has specialized in new and refurbished SGI, Intergraph and Sun systems, along with RAID, disk, memory, 3D software and more since being founded in 1990. Check out our online store.
t: 770-740-0040   f: 770-740-0121   (USA Georgia)


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