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Crane, Lightweight Jib

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ABC Products

Leading manufacturer of extra-lightweight camera support equipment: cranes, dollies, tracks, hand held systems. *Sturmflut (DR); *FIFA WorldCup 2002 (SP); *FIFA WorldCup 2006 (SP);
t: +49 89 436891 3   f: +49 89 436891 55   (Germany)



Cam Mate Systems

Introducing our all new head design. Now in an open-air "L" shaped configuration with many more options at a more economical price.
t: 480-813-9500   f: 480-813-9292   (USA Arizona)



Carbon XL

Carbon XL makes extremely lightweight carbon fiber camera cranes, camera jibs, heavy-duty tripods, dolly with track, car mounts, zero gravity heads, remote camera controls, motorized rotating platforms, and motorized time-lapse tracks. *Great Siberian Grizzly (DO); *Manu, Peru's Hidden Rainforest (DO); *Spirits of the Rainforest (DO);
t: 928 282-0804   (USA Arizona)




Cinekinetic is an equipment manufacturing company who also produce and distribute films that teach filmmakers how to make exciting films. *Move It (ED); *Tripod Killer (CC); *Invention of the Decade (ED);
t: 702) 731-4700   f: 702) 731-4700   (Australia - Western Australia)



Filmotechnic International

One of a kind cranes and gyroscoping camera heads. *The Italian Job (FF); * (AN); * (AN);
t: 310-215-3004   (USA California - South)




GiraffeCAM rents and sells it's own unique, very mobile 40' telescoping video mast system and it's POV Pro weather resistant and durable mini cam. *MTV Road Rules & Real World (TV); *C-SPAN (TV); *Discovery Channel's Eco Challenge (SP); orgs: NAB.
t: Toll free (888) 803-7786   f: (603) 825-6105   (USA California - South)



Grip Factory Munich

GFM produces top quality man riding and/or remote cranes. Modular, stable arms, mobile bases, hard coated finish. TUV certified. Track, dollies, rigs. In use worldwide. *Matrix 2 and 3 (FF); *The Pianist (FF); *Shanghai Knights (FF);
t: +49 89 31901290   f: +49 89 31910299   (Germany)



Industry Advanced Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer of products for the entertainment industry featuring the Illum-A-Slate, Illum-A-Knob (follow focus knob), Intel-A-Jib & Lighten-ing Rail Systems (lighting and grip mounting hardware). *Will & Grace (DR); *Saving Private Ryan (FF); *Van Helsing (FF);
t: (805) 492-4057   f: (805) 241-8321   (USA California - South)



KE Remote Systems

KE Remote Systems is the designer and manufacturer of carbon fibre camera cranes and remote controlled pan and tilt heads. Our controls systems are rather special. *Country Club (CO);
t: 61 2 62916107   f: 61 2 62916107   (Australia - New South Wales/ACT)




Aerial Photography - Remote quadriple rotor helicopter with gyro stabilized remote head. Remote camera crane K-grip manufacturer/rental, Stedycam operator,remote camera crane operators, Live in Sofia. *The Prince and Me! (FF); *Mirrors bTV (TV); *Mission Sofia(bulet) (SH); orgs: SOA.
t: +359 888 631 926   f: +359 2 876 4444   (Bulgaria)



K-Hill, Inc.

Variety of custom work made for the film industry to specific requirements. Z-Jib, A-Jib, Headset, Follow Focus, Custom Tractor Trailer Modifications.
t: 817-831-3011   (USA Texas)



Microdolly Hollywood

Manufactures ultralight, portable camera dollies, dolly track, jib arm cranes, Suction Mounts and Remote Pan/Tilt Head systems available for the video/film professional.orgs: National Association of Broadcasters.
t: 818 845 8383   f: 818 845 8384   (USA California - South)



Movie Tech AG

Movie Tech is a leading manufacturer of equipment for the moving camera: dollies, cranes, remote heads, and cold light systems. *Spiderman (FF); *The Bird Cage (FF); *Outbreak (FF);
t: +49 89 436891 3   f: +49 89 436891 55   (Germany)




Manufacturer of Jib Arms, Portable Dollies, Losmandy FlexTrac (flexable dolly track), Adjustable Columns, Tripods *industrial training videos (ED);
t: 323-462-2855   f: 323-462-2682   (USA California - South)



Premier Studio Equipment, Inc.

Manufacturer of Camera Dollies, Jib Arms, other camera supports for Sale *Manufacturer (FF);
t: (909)427-8591   f: (909)427-8593   (USA California - South)


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