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Tripod Head, Remote Controlled

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A&C Ltd.

Remote Heads for Film and Television cameras. Our range of Power-Pod and Pee-Pod Remote Heads have achieved their success by proving their ability to capture those shots which would otherwise be too dangerous or impractical.
t: +44 (0)20 8427 5168   f: +44 (0)20 8861 2469   (UK - England & Wales)



Service Vision USA

SV has the most modern and competitive equipment in cameras, grips and lights. It also has a Camera, Lenses and Accessories 'Repair, Transformation and Collimation' dept, complete with Precision Equipment & technical personnel
t: (818) 623 1970   (USA California - South)



Telemetrics Inc.

Telemetrics Inc. Offers a full line of camera control systems ranging from an affordable coax system to the full featured triax system. Telemetrics Inc. Also offers indoor and outdoor Robotic Camera Control Systems.
t: (201) 848-9818   f: 201-848-9819   (USA New York/New Jersey)



Ultra Camera Mounts

Specializes in camera mounts designed for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and so much more. We also offer many other products such as: jib arms, dutch heads, and camera accessories.
t: (407) 857-5050   f: 407-850-5771   (USA Florida)



Vinten Radamec

Vinten Radamec is chosen by broadcasters worldwide for the engineering excellence of its robotic camera support systems (robotic heads, pedestals and system controllers). Integrating with studio systems, they constantly deliver broadcast quality movement. *Sports (SP); *Legislative (CC); *Broadcast studio (TV);
t: 01284 776 700   f: 01284 750560   (UK - England & Wales)


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