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Acrodyne Industries, Inc.

Acrodyne, in business for over three decades, is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced, high quality, television transmitters. *Manufacturer (CC);
t: 00 1 610-917-1300   f: 00 1 610-917-8148   (USA Pennsylvania)



CTE International S.r.l.

Manufacturing TV, VHF/UHF terrestrial equipment, FM Radio broacasting equipment.
t: +39.0522.509411   f: +39.0522.509422   (Italy)



Delta Electronics, Inc

An employee-owned small business founded in 1962 to develop, manufacture and market professional quality electronic and electro-mechanical equipment for the broadcast and communications industries.
t: (703) 354-3350   f: (703) 354-0216   (USA Virginia)



Elettronika S.r.l.

A leading firm in the production of broadcasting apparatuses for radio and TV. VHF and UHF TV transistor and tube Amplifiers from 30W up to 5Kw.
t: +39 080 626755   f: +39 080 629262   (Italy)



Energy Onix

Manufactures State of the Art FM Solid State and Single Tube, grounded grid Triode, transmitters from 30 Watts to 32 KW. We also offer the Worlds highest power single ended FM transmitter our ECO 50 @ 52KW
t: 518.758.1690   (USA New York/New Jersey)



EuroTel SRL

Eurotel specializes in production of Tv transmitters, transposers, and UHF TV Amplifiers.
t: +39039-230.2645   f: +39 039 2436222   (Italy)




The main product sectors are: Yagi VHF and UHF antennas, TV Broadcasti= ng antennas, I - III - IV and V Band, Parabolic antennas for transmission- = reception by satellite =C2=B7 UHF, VHF-TV transmitters and repeaters from 2= W to 10 KW.
t: +39 0331 797286   f: +39 0331 776082   (Italy)



ITEL Telecommunication and Broadcast Services

ITEL offers a real and functional ' Turn-key' solutions in the Radio/TV broadcast sector.
t: +39 0434 997667   (Italy)



Jampro Antennas Inc

Covering all types of antennas and systems including: DTV, TV Antennas, FM Antennas, Combiners & Filters, Transmission Line, Wave Guides and Towers & Poles.
t: (916) 383-1177   (USA California - South)



Kathrein Inc., Scala Division

Manufacture professional antenna products including: video and aural program links, transmission and reception of TV broadcast signals, MMDS transmission & cable TV headends.
t: (541)779-6500   f: (541) 779-6575   (USA Oregon)



Kintronic Labs, Inc.

A world leader in the design and manufacture of radio broadcast antenna systems and associated components and subassemblies. Whether your needs are for a standard broadcast antenna system, a militarized antenna system ...
t: (423)878-3141   (USA Tennessee)




Production of Television products with the target of obtaining the maximum efficiency and reliability. Exciters, Transposers, Frequency Syncronization, Low-medium power amps, microwave links, remote control monitoring, Antennas.
t: +39 030 711643   f: +39 030 70 00 634   (Italy)




Based in Santa Barbara, California, Moseley designs, manufactures, and markets digital transmission systems for diversified telecommunication industries, and the television broadcast industry.
t: (805) 968-9621   (USA California - South)




Antennae and transmitting equipment for radio and television. Spanish based, with an American outlet also.
t: +34 902 197 878   f: +34 902 187 878   (Spain)




Producing only the highest quality video products. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing some of the smallest video transmitters and receivers in the world.
(Canada - Ontario)


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