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CAST Lighting Limited

Lighting design software.
t: 44 (0) 1494 446000   (UK - England & Wales)




Helps you create high-impact presentations with unique hardware and software tools. With Dataton media control equipment, you can utilize the powerful effect gained by combining many different media, like slides, video, audio & moving objects.
t: +46 13 102450   f: +46 13 138445   (Sweden)




Lighting, Sound, Video, Rigging & Design CAD Software
t: 708-499-0107   (USA Illinois)



Gliderfluke & Co.

Gilderfluke and Co. Designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems, CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters. Animation Control Systems are available with anywhere from four to thousands of outputs. We can provide Digital Audio Playback Systems...
t: 818 840-9484   f: 818.840.9485   (USA California - South)



John McKernon Software

Lightwright is a unique cross between a spreadsheet and a database, designed specifically to manage professional lighting design paperwork. Beamwright is an easy to use utility that helps you choose the right light for every situation.
t: 800 2309497   (USA New York/New Jersey)



Lighthouse Holland

Developer of the ShowDesigner software package is a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful in developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both architectural and entertainment fields
t: +31-(0)30-6026026   (Netherlands)



Martin Lighting

A producer of automated lighting, audio and fog effects utilized throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. Also architectural lighting. *Deal or No Deal (DR);
t: +45 87 40 00 00   f: +45 87 40 00 10   (Denmark)



Media Motion

We manufacture our own line of custom show control hardware & software, and are specialists in motion simulator control and programming..
t: (310) 320-0696   (USA California - South)



MetroLight Studios

developa energy-saving solutions and new concepts for HID lighting applications; SuperHID electronic ballasts. MetroControlâ„¢ software is an ideal solution for central control and monitoring of small and medium industrial HID lighting systems *Total Recall (FF); *Batman Forever (FF); *Red Planet (FF);
t: +(615) 771-9609   (USA Tennessee)



Microlux Lighting Software by LuxArt

Microlux allows you to design, program and control all of your lighting. Produce Lighting plans and schedules then visualize your lighting show on screen with or without a console.
t: 514-990-0771   f: 514-990-0771   (Canada - Quebec)



Musco Lighting

offers a broad range of low-voltage lighting controllers and network systems. Musco takes great pride in the fact that we design and manufacturer all of our lighting controllers and software
t: (1) 641/673-0411   (USA Texas)




Manufacturer of the widest choice of lighting gels; light balancing filters, diffusion, color filters, bounce materials, fog machines, TV and matte paint and more
t: 800-767-2669   f: 203-708-8919   (USA Connecticut)




Manufacturer of Voyager System: controls all the machinery in a TV studio. With programmed precision hundreds of hoists, monopoles and motorized yokes move into position.



VXCO Lighting Systems

PC based Software for creating your light show on DMX512 equipped fixtures *Charisma (MU); *Different Shows for TV / Exhibitions (MM);
t: +41 (0) 326753489   f: +41 (0) 326750810   (Switzerland)


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