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Now you can lower your Sony 5inch viewfinder to eye level height by attaching the Cambracket to your camera plate No tools needed for installation! Installs in 10 seconds!
t: 708-242-0844   (USA Illinois)



Camera Engineering

Aaton Camera service repair accessories second user film equipment, Zeiss, Ronford, Arri etc. *Michael Palin Around the world in 80 day (DO); *Pole to Pole Micheal Palin (DO); *Manic Street Preachers (MU);
t: 01460 68170   f: 01460 73038   (UK - England & Wales)



Camera Essentials

The manufacturer of Harrison Film Changing Tents and Bags, Camera Essentials Weather Protectors for motion picture cameras, Harrison Ditty Bags and Harrison Doctor Bags: designed for the camera assistant. We also do custom design and prototypes. *Night Train (FF); *Target (CO); *Indiana Jones (FF);
t: 626-844-3722   (USA California - South)




Camera Accessories for Video and Film Professionals Filters, hoods, Matte boxes, Director's Finders, Video optics, boom poles.
t: (604) 298-9053   f: (604) 298-9051   (Canada - British Columbia)




Manufacturer of an extensive line of innovative accessories for film & video including matteboxes, sunshades, filterholders, fluid zoom drives, lens controls.
t: +49 (0)89 901 09 10   (Germany)




Production Bags, AC Bags, AC Pouches, Tool Pouch, Gel Roll, Script Case Production Bag Winner of the NAB Broadcast Egineering Award 2003 *Blue Demon (FF); *Rough Diamonds (FF); *A Long Road to Travel (SH);
t: 818.662.0605   f: 818.662.0613   (USA California - South)



Cinematography Electronics Inc

Manufacturing Cine lighting & camera accessories.
t: (818) 706-3334   f: (818) 706-3335   (USA California - South)



Clairmont Camera

We are a Film and Digital camera rental house providing an expert team of designers and crafts people. We make custom accessories and modifications for your needs. Hollywood, Vancouver, Toronto.
t: (818) 761-4440   f: (818) 761-0861   (Canada - Ontario)



cmotion Film Tech. Inc.

Our LCS controls focus, iris and zoom in wireless or hard wired modes. The system distinguishes itself from its competitors with its easy to use, comprehensive userinterfaces.The LCS can be used by multiple users simultaneously, in various configurations. *- (CO); *- (MU); *- (FF);
t: 3103826172   (USA California - South)



Collinscraft Canada

Manufacturer of The Red Eye* wide angle adapter for television cameras since 1994. Professional adapters from HD to DV.orgs: The Red Eye* Wide Angle Adapter.
t: 1 403 815-9844   f: 1 403 337-3387   (Canada - Prairies)



Dan Yarhi & Associates, Dan

I'm a Production Designer working in Feature Film. I also invented the 'Film-Tele-Scale' it is used for the planning of shots. *Three Men and A Baby (FF); *The Last Don (DR); *All Saints Day BoonDock Saints II (FF); orgs: Art Directors Guild IATSE Loc 800/Directors Guild of Canada.
t: Canada   f: 416-421-0833   (Canada - Ontario)



DSC Laboratories

Premium test charts for HD/SD production and engineering, including DSC Labs CamAlign "ChromaDuMonde" ColorBar/GrayScales and Ambi/Combi System. *ABC (TV); *CBS (TV); *NBC (TV); orgs: SBE, SMPTE.
t: 905 673 3211   f: 905 673 0929   (Canada - Ontario)



Flare Buster

Camera accessories shade the camera lens to prevent yellow spots, Invaluable for video shading, reflecting and vignetting.
t: 1-760-323-9575   f: 1-760-3239644   (USA California - South)



i-cuff DV, PRO & HD Viewfinder Eyecups

Manufacturer of i-cuff the only viewfinder eyecup that works both with and without glasses. Breathable, waterproof and washable. Fits all consumer & PRO cameras. "Now taking orders worldwide! *Best New Products of the Year 1999-2005 (DO);
t: 800-793-3006   (USA Pennsylvania)



Innovision Optics Inc.

Makers of innovative imaging tools, like probe lenses, remote controlled camera cars, Tabletop Motion Control and Remote Heads. *CSI Vegas, CSI Miami & CSI New York (DR); *BBC Planet Earth (DO); *Stuart Little II (FF); orgs: Pera, NAB, SOC.
t: 310-453-4866   f: 310-453-4677   (USA California - South)


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