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Light, Gobo

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Manufacturers of HMIs, scanners and projectors.
t: 01 55 09 22 22   f: 01 55 09 22 23   (France)



Chimera Photographic Lighting

soft-light specialists: lighting and lighting equipment for still photographers and film & video lighting professionals. (Colorado USA)
t: 1-888-444-1812   f: 303-444-8303   (USA Colorado)




Manufacturing projectors, cycloramas, dimmers, controls, for theatres etc.
t: .+39 0376.77521   f: +39 0376.780657   (Italy)

CookiePRO Lighting Patterns, Battery Booties and other Cool Tools for TV production professionals. *Products Used in Various Productions (CC); *Products Used in Various Productions (CO); *Products Used in Various Productions (TV);
t: 1-888-488-8665   f: 866-400-8985   (USA Arizona)



Datasights Limited

We are conversant with theatre, studio and arena lighting and have helped to compliment and extend the range of gobos and patterns already available.
t: +44 (020) 8 805 4151   f: +44 (0) 20 8805 8084   (UK - England & Wales)



DHA Lighting ltd

International manufacturer and distributor of gobos(metal and glass) moving effects, Digital Light Curtains, fibre optics and Gecko Image Projector
t: 020 7771 2900   f: 020 77771 2901   (UK - England & Wales)




Manufacturer of lighting special effects and accessories for the entertainment, hospitality, and architectural markets, GAM Products is best known for it's gobo patterns, color filters, Blackwrap, and motion effects such as the Twin Spin gobo rotator. *The Lion King (MM); *Spiderman (FF); *Castle (DR); orgs: USITT, Academy of Arts and Sciences.
t: 323-935-4975   f: 323-935-2002   (USA California - South)



Goboland, Inc.

Member of Goboland Worldwide. Manufacturer Glass Gobos in Custom/ Standard designs. Sell exclusively through Dealer Network in the US, Canada, South and Central America. *Mercedes (CC); *Apogeu (CC); orgs: ESTA & PLASA.
t: 1.866.GOBOLAND   f: 212.214.0729   (USA New York/New Jersey)



Goboservice by Sunland Optics srl

Goboservice makes any type of gobo for the international market: custom, metal or glass, coloured or black and white. Gobos with fast delivery, accurate achievement and attractive prices. *Gobos and art (CC);
t: 00390965813264   f: 00390965813264   (Italy)




We make custom gobos from your artwork and stock gobos, from b/w to photo realistic full color. Choose from a wide variety of Gobo Projectors. Our direct sales model allows us to offer small and mid-sized customers key account pricing and fast service. *Sony Online Entertainment (AN); *Mind of Mencia (TV); *Pixar - The Incredibles Gobos (AN);
t: 1-800-213-1092   f: 1-831-431-8802   (USA California - North)




Developping and manufacturing professional lighting systems since 1987. Our range of products includes colour changers for stage lighting, intelligent lighting systems, both scanners and moving heads....
t: +49 7304/9617 - 0   (Germany)




Soft Egg Crates TM - Shape Soft Light, five cell sizes for B&O Frames, creates more even near to far light, saves time.
t: 780-438-3860   f: 780-433-3224   (Canada - Prairies)



MSE Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc.

Premier manufacturer of grip, mounting hardware, camera support, lighting control textiles, wire diffusion, dollies, and precision dolly track for the motion picture, television, and photography industries since 1970.
t: 818-843-6715   f: 323-849-1525   (USA California - South)




Manufactures OPTI Trilite Structural Systems and OPTI Kinetics Effects Projectors, Gobos, Stobes and Bubble Banks for Exhibition, Retail and Entertainment applications.
t: +1 804 752 2570   f: +1 800 678 4575   (USA Virginia)




Manufacturer of the widest choice of lighting gels; light balancing filters, diffusion, color filters, bounce materials, fog machines, TV and matte paint and more
t: 800-767-2669   f: 203-708-8919   (USA Connecticut)


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