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Advance Transformer Co.

Manufacturer and marketer of ballasts for fluorescent and HID lamps, Advance is committed to providing the highest quality products and service in the industry.
t: (800) 322-2086   (USA Illinois)




Versatile component system delivers compact, high-output, two-wire phase control dimmable, fluorescent studio and location fixtures with enhanced beam control and level adjustment.
t: 724.457.0717   (USA Pennsylvania)



Bron Elektronik (Broncolor, Visatec, Kobold)

Manufacturer of HMI, tungsten and flourescent lighting for the film and tv industries.
t: + 41/ 61 485 85 85   f: + 41/ 61 485 85 00   (Switzerland)




Manufacturers of HMIs, scanners and projectors.
t: 01 55 09 22 22   f: 01 55 09 22 23   (France)



CCT Lighting

Offer innovative design, manufacture and installation of lighting and accessories for Television and film. Also offer dimmers, control systems, gobos, drapes, internally wired bars ...
t: +44(0)115 985 8919   (UK - England & Wales)




Manufacturing projectors, cycloramas, dimmers, controls, for theatres etc.
t: .+39 0376.77521   f: +39 0376.780657   (Italy)



Compulite Systems (2000) Ltd

Compulite's skilled and experienced design teams in software, electronics, and mechanical engineering ensure high quality, high tech products. From dimmer room to stage, from light booth to production table...orgs: ESTA / USITT / PLASA.
t: 972-9-7446555   f: 972-9-7466515   (Israel)



De Sisti Lighting

World leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality motion picture and television lighting equipment: Quartz-halogen, tungsten, HMI, flourescent. Softlight, fresnel, par. Rigging, stands, cyclorama, individual kits, studio packages.
t: +39-06-934991   f: +39-06-9343489   (Italy)



K 5600 Lighting (France)

Manufactures HMI location lighting kits including the Joker-Bug 200/400 and 800 Watt. ALPHA 4/2,5K and ALPHA 18/12 K : Lightest ever. *All features (FF); orgs: A.F.C., B.V.K.,.
t: 33-   (France)



K 5600 Lighting Inc.

Manufactures small HMI location lighting kits including the Joker-Bug 200, 400, 800 Watt and such innovative accessories such as the Softube, the Bug-A-Beam, Slimverters and Slabverters. *Sony pictures (FF); *CNN (TV); *nbc (TV); orgs: NAB.
t: 818.762.5756   f: 818.762.6629   (USA California - South)




Professional Lighting for film, TV and theatre. Products: 6/12KW Prolight, Cinepar daylight etc. Light stands, boompoles. Manufactered in France, sales office in L.A.
t: 818 780 9828   (USA California - South)



MetroLight Studios

developa energy-saving solutions and new concepts for HID lighting applications; SuperHID electronic ballasts. MetroControlâ„¢ software is an ideal solution for central control and monitoring of small and medium industrial HID lighting systems *Total Recall (FF); *Batman Forever (FF); *Red Planet (FF);
t: +(615) 771-9609   (USA Tennessee)



Mole Richardson Company

Mole-Richardson Company Lighting from Hollywood. Serving the film, television and photographic industry since 1927. Studio Depot Supplies and Moletown. Hollywood, CA USA.
t: 323-851-0111   f: 323-851-5593   (USA California - South)



Power Gems Ltd

Design and manufacture of Electronic HMI ballast's/ power supplies for Film/TV and Entertainment lighting. *Sky tv (SP); *MTV (MU); *Harry Potter (FF);
t: +44 01617767030   f: +44 01617767039   (UK - England & Wales)



Power To Light Ltd

Power to Light is an independent designer and manufacturer of power supply equipment for the professional lighting industry. *2004 Olympics (SP); *European Cup (SP);
t: 00 44 161 8657040   f: 00 44 161 8657039   (UK - England & Wales)


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