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A-Master (Guangzhou) ELectronics Co.,Ltd.

we are a professional manufacturer of public address(PA) system.we make all kinds of pa systems and equipments, like IP pa system,intelligent pa system,conference system,power amplifier,pre amplifier,pa speaker,microphone etc. *salesman (CC);
t: 86-20-87023156   f: 86-20-87023396   (China - Hong Kong/Guangdong)



Apogee Electronics

The choice of audio professionals for digital audio conversion, media and accessories. Developing Hardware & software solutions for the Digital Audio Industry.
t: +1 310.584.9394   f: +1 310.584.9385   (USA California - South)



Audio Accessories, Inc.

Manufacturer of broadcast audio and video patching equipment.
t: 603.446.3335   f: 603.446.7543   (USA New Hampshire)



Buzz Audio

We manufacture a range of boutique analogue audio tools for recording musicians and professional recording engineers.
t: +64(0)4-472-3084   (New Zealand)



Calrec Audio

specialises in producing analogue and digital audio mixing systems specifically for radio production, television production and live on-air applications.
t: +44 1422 842159   f: +44 1422 845244   (UK - England & Wales)



DBX Professional Products

Manufacturers of signal processing products for the Broadcast industry. Digital Cards, Equalisation units, compressors / gates etc.
t: (801) 568-7660   (USA Utah)



Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Manufacturer of digital equipment for the production and post production TV broadcast and film industries. *HDTV Products (MM); *Fiber Optics (MM); *Closed Captioning Encoders (MM);
t: 1-905-335-3700   f: 1-905-335-3573   (Canada - Ontario)



Gliderfluke & Co.

Gilderfluke and Co. Designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems, CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters. Animation Control Systems are available with anywhere from four to thousands of outputs. We can provide Digital Audio Playback Systems...
t: 818 840-9484   f: 818.840.9485   (USA California - South)



Leitch Technology Corporation

Leitch designs, manufactures and markets analog/digital electronic equipment that is used to edit, distribute, process and switch high-quality video and audio signals required by television broadcast facilities, Film and production studios...
t: 1--416-445-9929   (Canada - Ontario)




Affordable, high end Audio Post-Production equipment Worldwide.
t: 425 - 487 - 4333   f: 425 - 485 - 1152   (USA Washington State)



Martin Lighting

A producer of automated lighting, audio and fog effects utilized throughout all sectors of the entertainment industry. Also architectural lighting. *Deal or No Deal (DR);
t: +45 87 40 00 00   f: +45 87 40 00 10   (Denmark)



Penny + Giles

Our Faders and controllers have a worldwide reputation for quality, precision and reliability and have become the premier choice for leading sound and vision console manufacturers.
t: +44 (0) 1202 481771   (UK - England & Wales)



Pixel Instruments

Design and engineering of video related circuits for manufacturers of broadcast television instruments. Current products include Transcoding Video Frame Synchronizers, Audio Delay Synchronizers for automatic lip sync correction...
t: (408) 871-1975   f: (408) 871-1976   (USA California - South)



Radio Design Labs

Professional Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturer As the inventor of Application-Specific Modules, RDL continues to lead the industry with solutions to specific problems as well as building blocks of quality system designs.
t: (928) 443-9391   (USA Arizona)



Rostec Engineering

Supplies Engineering Services and quality equipment to the Broadcast, Recording and Film industries. Audio Digital to Analog converters, Black Burst Generators.
t: +45 3967 6438   f: +45 3967 6438   (Denmark)


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