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Backscatter Underwater Video

Established in 1994, Backscatter has become the premier underwater imaging center on the west coast and the world wide web. We sell and rent all makes of professional underwater photo and video equipment. New, used, service, rental, trade, training. *underwater film, video and photo (FF);
t: 831-645-1082   (USA California - North)



Fish Eye Productions Ltd

Specialise in Light and Motion underwater video, digital stills and lighting equipment. We believe in offering sound advice based on hands-on practical experience and pride ourselves on delivering an excellent product support service.
t: +44-(0)1246-216016   (UK - England & Wales)



Gates Underwater Products

For over 30 years Gates has designed and manufactured the most durable and dependable underwater housings in the world.
t: 858-272-2501   f: 858-272-1208   (USA California - South)




Manufacturing underwater flashlights, compasses and photographic equipment since 1962, introducing many innovative new products to the diving industry.
t: 317-923-4523   f: 317-924 7988   (USA Indiana)



Pace Technologies

Pace Technologies designs and builds underwater and wet environment lights, cameras, practicals and production tools for professional film and commercial productions.
t: 818 759-7322   f: 818-565-0006   (USA California - South)


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