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Audio Recorder Hard-disk

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Alesis Corporation

Designers and Manufacturers of Digital Audio Equipment like Mixers, signal processors, keyboards, Sound modules, Q cards, Drum Products, Microphones, Monitors and amplifiers.
t: 1-800-525-3747   f: 1 (310) 693-7040   (USA California - South)



Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Manufacturer of digital equipment for the production and post production TV broadcast and film industries. *HDTV Products (MM); *Fiber Optics (MM); *Closed Captioning Encoders (MM);
t: 1-905-335-3700   f: 1-905-335-3573   (Canada - Ontario)



HHB Communications Ltd

Manufacture Portadat pro audio recorder for Film, Radio, TV and Music. London, Santa Monica, Ontario
t: +44 (0) 20 8962 5000   f: +44 (0) 20 8962 5050   (UK - England & Wales)



Otari - The Console Company

Manufacturer of Professional Audio products for the Music Recording, Broadcast, Post-Production, Film & Live Sound Markets plus High-Speed Industrial Audio & Video Cassette Loading & Duplication Systems.
t: (818) 734-1785   f: (818) 734-1786   (USA California - North)



Yamaha Corporation of Japan

Manufacturing pro Audio Equipment: Digital Mixing Consoles, Power Amps, Speakers, Digital Audio Workstation and othe related peripherals.
t: (81) 53-460-2441   (Japan)



Zaxcom Inc.

Zaxcom manufactures professional sound equipment for loacation & post. Our line of equipment includes digital audio mixing consoles, digital audio disk recorders and digital wireless micropohones. *Spider Man (Columbia Pictures) (FF); *Star Wars Episode II (20th Century Fox) (FF); *CSI Miami (TV);
t: 973.835.5000   f: 973.835.6633   (USA New York/New Jersey)


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