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3-D Trix Finland Oy

Visual effects and post production *Vares - series (Solar Films) (FF); *A Good Son (Avanton) (FF); *Nike, Idols, Apprentice... (CO); orgs: -.
t: +358405713157   (Finland)



Adobe Systems Incorporated

Outstanding software tools for desktop film editing and web production.
t: 408.536.6000   (USA California - North)



Alien Skin Software

Develops, markets and supports easy-to-use software that adds time-saving features to graphics applications. Founded in 1993, Alien Skin is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and distributes its products worldwide.
t: 919 832 4124   f: 919.832.4065   (USA North Carolina)




Visual Solutions for broadcast, online and mobile. Automatised data visualising, where large data sets have to be regularly updated and presented in a sophisticated graphical environment
t: +49 (030) 600 98 0   (Germany)



Miranda Technologies

A world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing video infrastructure products and solutions for the broadcast, video networking and video transport markets used in all stages of production, post-production and distribution.
t: 514.333.1772   (Canada - Quebec)




Pablo Neo - color correction and finishing system, including pre-vis, effects, assembly, grading, deliverables for HD, 2K, 4K and Stereo3D. *Girl with the Dragon Tattoo @ Light Iron (FF); *Avatar @ Modern VideoFilm (FF); *Hugo @ Pace (FF);
t: (01635) 48222   f: (01635) 815815   (UK - England & Wales)



Sonic Foundry - Digital Media Solutions

We've developed all the software tools you need for the entire digital media production process - from content creation through final delivery.
t: (608) 256-3133.   f: 608.443.1601   (USA Wisconsin)



The Foundry

Academy Award Winning visual effects software. Products: NUKE, FURNACE, OCULA, KEYLIGHT, TINDER, FORGE & ANVIL. For more see *King Kong (FF); *Harry Potter (FF); *Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (FF);
t: +44(0)20 7743 0449   f: +44(0)20 7743 1550   (UK - England & Wales)




creators of sophisticated film/video-keying systems
t: 818-993 8007   f: 818-993 3762   (USA California - South)



XS International, Inc.

XS International, Inc. (XS) has specialized in new and refurbished SGI, Intergraph and Sun systems, along with RAID, disk, memory, 3D software and more since being founded in 1990. Check out our online store.
t: 770-740-0040   f: 770-740-0121   (USA Georgia)



Y-Vamp Corp.

Manufacturer of high-end digital recording and playback video systems for Film and Broadcast industries. We started with the DigiCombo, a digital recorder that enables real time editing and multiple speed playbacks.
t: +1 647-722-2457   (Canada - Ontario)


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