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Camera Stabilization (Steadicam)

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ABC Products

Leading manufacturer of extra-lightweight camera support equipment: cranes, dollies, tracks, hand held systems. *Sturmflut (DR); *FIFA WorldCup 2002 (SP); *FIFA WorldCup 2006 (SP);
t: +49 89 436891 3   f: +49 89 436891 55   (Germany)



ActionProducts GmbH

ActionProducts manufactures Camera Stabilizing Systems to meet the highest quality standard - at an affordable price. The ActionCam is the most compact and feature-rich stabilizing system on the market. *- (CC);
t: +41-62-849 36 30   f: +41-62-849 36 31   (Switzerland)



Auxiliary Panpilot

Auxiliary Panpilot Steady Cam Tripod equipped with Bogen 484 RC2 quick connect ball and socket head unit. For all video cameras up to 8 pounds and for every camera user novice to pro. 1 877 757 0757 toll free or *Bedazzeled (FF); *Beverly Hills 90210 (TV); *Melrose Place (TV); orgs: Santa Barbara Film Commission.
t: 805 726 1650   (USA California - South)



Basson Steady

Manufacturer and designer of high end camera stabilizers steadycam steadicam. Basson Steady is the leading Manufacturer of professional camera stabilizers. *Basson steady demos (SH);
t: 00 54 11 4259-4165   f: 00 54 11 4259-4165   (Argentina)



Camera Essentials

The manufacturer of Harrison Film Changing Tents and Bags, Camera Essentials Weather Protectors for motion picture cameras, Harrison Ditty Bags and Harrison Doctor Bags: designed for the camera assistant. We also do custom design and prototypes. *Night Train (FF); *Target (CO); *Indiana Jones (FF);
t: 626-844-3722   (USA California - South)



Cam Mate Systems

Introducing our all new head design. Now in an open-air "L" shaped configuration with many more options at a more economical price.
t: 480-813-9500   f: 480-813-9292   (USA Arizona)




Cinekinetic is an equipment manufacturing company who also produce and distribute films that teach filmmakers how to make exciting films. *Move It (ED); *Tripod Killer (CC); *Invention of the Decade (ED);
t: 702) 731-4700   f: 702) 731-4700   (Australia - Western Australia)



Fly Cam

Steadycam System for 35 mm cameras to handycams. Sale and Rental in the whole world. 10 Years Expierence. *TV AZTECA MX-CEV MADRID-TELEVISA MX - (ED); *COCA COLA-FOX-MICHELIN-REVLON- (CO); *AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS- FORD FOCUS (CO);
t: 5411-4799-4730   f: 5411-4799-4730   (Argentina)



Innovision Optics Inc.

Makers of innovative imaging tools, like probe lenses, remote controlled camera cars, Tabletop Motion Control and Remote Heads. *CSI Vegas, CSI Miami & CSI New York (DR); *BBC Planet Earth (DO); *Stuart Little II (FF); orgs: Pera, NAB, SOC.
t: 310-453-4866   f: 310-453-4677   (USA California - South)



Mako Products, Inc.

No Technician Required! Automatically Detecting & maintaining “Level”. Handling Packages Up to 175 Pounds. WaterProof to 10 Feet. Operating in All Extremes of Environment & Temperatures -0 +130 degrees. Electronically Compensating for Rapid Turns *Evinrude Outboard, Sea-Doo, Lincoln (CO); *Espn-Monster Sharks, Ng-Split Second (DO); *Into the Blue, The Fathom, Transporter2 (FF); orgs: Icg.
t: 352-288-0111   f: 352-288-5538   (USA Florida)



Marell Electronic Systems Ltd

Suppliers of Accessories for Film and Steadicam, Repairs and Upgrades, Video Link Systems, Microwave Video links, Steadicam Monitors, Frameline Generators, Digital Levels, Power Converters, Steadicam Upgrades, Custom Cables and Remote Control Systems etc. *Queer as Folk (DR);
t: +44 (0)1484 843142   f: +44 (0)1484 843177   (UK - England & Wales)




Manufacturer of the MK-V Evolution Modular Sled System:The Professional Fully Steadicam and Pro Compatible System
t: +44 161 850 0658   f: +44 (0)1204 574930   (UK - England & Wales)




professional camera stabilisation systems *BUL (CO);
t: +359 89 22 42 001   (Bulgaria)




Design and manufacture of grip and special camera handling equipment, i.e. car rigs, leveling heads, wedges, low rockers, track etc.
t: 020 8449 8950   f: 020 8449 1542   (UK - England & Wales)




steadycam matte box follow focus dolly system blimp windshield jib crane slider dslr kits *We are manufacturers of DV camera acc. (MU);
t: 91-172-2666318   (India)


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