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Adobe Systems Incorporated

Outstanding software tools for desktop film editing and web production.
t: 408.536.6000   (USA California - North)



Apple Final Cut Pro

Award-winning video editing, compositing and special effects software. Powerful, all-in-one editing solution, featuring real-time editing, breakthrough Power Mac G4 performance. Output content into any video format.
(USA California - South)



DeVise Limited

Supply modelling and animation software solutions from Autodesk Media and Entertainment, such as 3DS Max and 3DS Viz, also video editing and effects packages Premier, Combustion and Boujou Camera Tracking software.
t: +44 (0) 1422 322100   (UK - England & Wales)




Digieffects is a developer of popular software plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Combustion. *several (MM); *several (CO); *several (FF); orgs: none.
t: +1 (888) 432-0813   f: +1 (888) 432-0813   (USA Texas)



Diligent Systems, Inc.

Replace eye matching with computer-based machine vision to matchback TV shows finished on tape to negative for HD. *Dunsmore (FF);
t: 310-666-4018   (USA California - South)




EDLMAX, an edit decision list (EDL) management application for video and film post production. Designed by professionals for professionals, EDLMAX is the most complete EDL toolbox available, providing trouble-free EDL format conversions, cleaning, etc.
t: 212-967-7508   (USA New York/New Jersey)



Enco Systems

Pro-audio editing and processing for radio and TV software developer. Current development centers on the DAD system, but we continue to support and implement a variety of software solutions. *SNL Audio delivery (TV);
t: (248) 827-4440   (USA Michigan)



Interactive Effects Inc

Piranha HD - Silicon Graphics Compositing, Editing.Amazon Paint - Paint system *Galaxy Quest (FF); *Bugs Life (FF); *Titanic (FF);
t: (310) 998-8364   (USA California - South)




Our main product UltraRed is an broadcast solution that can handle simultaneous previewing, creating, displaying and controlling projects for Logo, Ticker, Crawls, image sequences, analog and digital clock and playlist of DV video clips. *news on TV (TV);
t: +40722353257   (Romania)



NewTek, Inc.

Manufacture Lightwave 3D and Video Toaster software
t: 210-370-8000   f: 210-370-8001   (USA Texas)



Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Videographics products for professional quality desktop video production: Targa video cards, etc. Multi Emmy -winning products
t: (317) 577-8788   f: (317) 594-2900   (USA California - South)



Popsoft IT

Film Fusion is a Matchback application for managing keycode logs, cut lists and edls.orgs: SMPTE.
t: +61 2 9955 3336   f: +61 2 9955 3323   (Australia - New South Wales/ACT)




Pablo Neo - color correction and finishing system, including pre-vis, effects, assembly, grading, deliverables for HD, 2K, 4K and Stereo3D. *Hugo @ Pace (FF); *Avatar @ Modern VideoFilm (FF); *Girl with the Dragon Tattoo @ Light Iron (FF);
t: (01635) 48222   f: (01635) 815815   (UK - England & Wales)




Develops leading technology for hi-end editing and compositing (Mistika), news editing (Natural News), legal archive (BlackBox), virtual sets and automatic production (Natural Studio) for postproduction houses and Broadcasters. *Molinare Spain (CO); *Framestore (FF); *BSKYB (SP);
t: +34 91 542 79 76   f: +34 91 542 70 28   (Spain)



Sonic Foundry - Digital Media Solutions

We've developed all the software tools you need for the entire digital media production process - from content creation through final delivery.
t: (608) 256-3133.   f: 608.443.1601   (USA Wisconsin)


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