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Track (for dolly)

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BarTrack (SolidGripSystems / Barlux)

Aluminium precision-track, for dolly and (techno)crane, straight and curved, sales and manufacture. Also Manufacturer of the TrussDollySystem and TwinDolly *lots of (CO);
t: +31 20 4282155   f: +31 20 4282164   (Netherlands)



Bomac Engineering Pty Ltd

Bomac Engineering's Altrac rail has been used for many years in the film industry. It can be used to hold cameras and also to construct portable or permanent stunt rigging as it has been tested to meet the Australian Fall Arrest Standards. *Charlotte's Web (AN); *The Matrix (FF);
t: +61 3 9796 5300   f: +61 3 9796 4683   (Australia - Victoria/Tasmania)



Cam Mate Systems

Introducing our all new head design. Now in an open-air "L" shaped configuration with many more options at a more economical price.
t: 480-813-9500   f: 480-813-9292   (USA Arizona)



Innovision Optics Inc.

Makers of innovative imaging tools, like probe lenses, remote controlled camera cars, Tabletop Motion Control and Remote Heads. *CSI Vegas, CSI Miami & CSI New York (DR); *BBC Planet Earth (DO); *Stuart Little II (FF); orgs: Pera, NAB, SOC.
t: 310-453-4866   f: 310-453-4677   (USA California - South)



Microdolly Hollywood

Manufactures ultralight, portable camera dollies, dolly track, jib arm cranes, Suction Mounts and Remote Pan/Tilt Head systems available for the video/film professional.orgs: National Association of Broadcasters.
t: 818 845 8383   f: 818 845 8384   (USA California - South)




manufacture, sales and rental of camera support systems: camera cranes, dollies, tripods etc., experience, excellent service, high quality thru precision engineering *The Departed (FF); *Back to the Future (FF); *Die Hard (FF); *Gangs of New York (FF); *Lives of the Others (FF); orgs: Pera, BVK, IABM.
t: +49-(0)89/6139 00 01   f: +49-(0)89/613 10 00   (Germany)




Manufacturer of Jib Arms, Portable Dollies, Losmandy FlexTrac (flexable dolly track), Adjustable Columns, Tripods *industrial training videos (ED);
t: 323-462-2855   f: 323-462-2682   (USA California - South)



Service Vision USA

SV has the most modern and competitive equipment in cameras, grips and lights. It also has a Camera, Lenses and Accessories 'Repair, Transformation and Collimation' dept, complete with Precision Equipment & technical personnel
t: (818) 623 1970   (USA California - South)


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