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Alice Ellis Casting

In addition to theatrical casting, we have cast numerous commercials.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

Background Artists

A commercial extras company committed to providing quality SAG and Non Union performers along with other casting services including Payroll, principal casting and real people casting.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

Background Talent Services

We have either solely cast or assisted in the casting in over 3000 commercial, promo, infomercial, print, music video, TV or film projects. We also cast audiences for reality shows. No job is too large or too small for us.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

Be in a Movie

You're on the set…. In the Film…While the film is being made. We get to invite you to be a Background Spectator, usually in an exciting crowd, stadium or action scene.
Agents (Extras) in USA California - South

Christal Blue Casting

he First Featured Extra - Principal Casting Service in Hollywood to get Full Screen Credit IN RED.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

Cline Entertainment

A company devoted to making a difference in the film industry. We have a background casting division, as well as a principal management division.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

D2 Models

Los Angeles model agency with models available for print, film, tradeshow, and other assignments. Free casting for actors, extras, and 'real people.' *Scholls (CO); *X-box (MM)
Agents (Extras), Agents (Models) in USA California - South

Debbie Sheridan Casting

All types of casting including films, commercials, reality, real people, promos, internet, print, music videos, extras, audience, etc *The Butchers (FF); *Logitech (CO); *Tomb Raider (AN)
Agents (Extras), Casting Directors in USA California - South

Hollywood OS

A professional networking system for background actors to find casting opportunities in film, tv and more.
Agents (Extras), Casting / Actors Resources in USA California - South

Nandinee Productions

Providing ethnic talent to the entertainment industry . We strive to function with a sense of ethics and fairness.
Agents (Extras), Agents (Actors') in USA California - South

Sande Alessi Casting

Rather than sending generic bodies like a cattle call to hit a quota, Sande Alessi Casting prides itself on finding the perfect person for each and every spot, helping directors and producers create distinct, amazing palettes for their shows
Agents (Extras) in USA California - South