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Ethiopia Services for Film & TV

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Blue Sky Films

Blue Sky Films is a Film Production Company renowned for facilitating the production of outstanding film and Tv commercials, feature films, television programs as well as documentaries in the East and Central African region. www.blueskyafrica.com *Coca Cola (CO); *The Amazing Race CBS (DR); *The Constant Gardener (FF)
Producers and Production Companies, Production Services in Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda

Ginger Ink

From a live uplink for Good Morning America to 'Soul Boy', a master class with the German film director Tom Tykwer, to MTV's Inaugural Ball televised at President Obama's inauguration...our list is varied, as is our experience in Africa. *ABC News - Modern Wonders of the World (TV); *Soul Boy, Master Class with Tom Tykwer (FF); *Make Poverty History - Live 8 footage (MM) orgs: Production Guild of Great Britain; FCA East Africa.
Camera Crews - Equipped, Producers and Production Companies, Production Services, Location Services, Producers, Line, Location Scouts in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda, Ethiopia