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Production Manager

Evolve Media All of US. Requires (14 Apr) April 14, 2014 / 3-4 Weeks Full
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Facility Engineer / Tech Serv

Precision Los Angeles (13 Apr) Immediately / 20 Full
Featured job:

Head of Front of House

High End VFX Job Culver City (11 Apr) Immediately / Full Time Full
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Freelance Dailies Technician

Bling Digital Los Angeles (04 Apr) 4/10/14 / 2 Months Full
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Venice Production Comp Venice (03 Apr) Immediately / Permenant Full
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DP, PA, Sound, and Editor

SHIELD Women's Self De Los Angeles (31 Mar) May 18, 2014 / Weekends only Unpaid

Assistant Editor

LOVELY studios Los Angeles (19 Apr) April 22, 2014 / Now until the end of May Low

Short Film Script Writer

Craftsman's Head Los Angeles (19 Apr) ASAP / part time Unpaid


DCK Productions Long Beach (19 Apr) ASAP / about 2 weeks Unpaid

Location Sound Recordist

Undisclosed Los Angeles, CA (19 Apr) ASAP / 3 Days Unpaid

Set Decorator

Mountain Productions Los Angeles (19 Apr) Immediate / three weeks Unpaid

Art PA

Peña Design Woodland Hills/Tarza (19 Apr) Monday 4/21/14 / 1 day Unpaid

DP, Sound, Lighting

Tiki Pictures TBA - Socal (19 Apr) TBD / One day shoot Full

Studio Manager

Private Island Trax Los Angeles (19 Apr) Immediately / indefinite Full

Motion Graphics Designer

Yoyo Chinese Los Angeles, CA (19 Apr) Immediate / Freelance Full

Movie Poster Artist

Frontiersman Pictures Los Angeles (19 Apr) Immediately / Work at your own pace. Full

Multimedia Production Assistan

ZipEdTech Los Angeles (19 Apr) 5/5/2014 / permanent Full

Associate Producer

USC Thesis Film Produc Los Angeles (18 Apr) Immediately / 2 months Unpaid

Key Grip and Gaffer

andrew aiello Los Angeles area (18 Apr) mid may / 10-15 days Full

art director / set decorator

Surprise LLC Atwater Village (18 Apr) 4/26/14 / 4/26/14 - 4/27/14 Low
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