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Motion Graphics Designer

SEEF Los Angeles (29 Jul) 7-29 / 7-29 to 8-12 Full
Featured job:


SEEF Los Angeles (29 Jul) 7/29/2014 / 7/29 - 8/12 Full


BCP LA (01 Aug) 8/5/14 / 2 WEEKS Low

Post Sound

Pier Prologue Los Angeles, CA (01 Aug) August 2014 / Until Completion Low

Vault / Assistant Editor

Logan LA Marina Del Rey (01 Aug) TBD / Part - Time / Full - Time Full

Max, Maya or Lightwave Artist

Inhance Digital Los Angeles (01 Aug) Immediately / Approx. 3-6 months Full


Without Papers Los Angeles (01 Aug) 08/14/14 / On and off for a year Low


Lions Share Entertainm LA (01 Aug) asap / Preferably 2-3 weeks Low

Digital Cinema Technician

Simple DCP Los Angeles, CA (31 Jul) ASAP / No set end date Full

assistant editor

finelines riverside (31 Jul) Aug. 1st 2014 / a couple of hours Unpaid

Assistant Editor

TB Productions Los Angeles (31 Jul) now / short term, depends on gig Full

graphics/assistant editor

Equals Three Los Angeles, Culver (30 Jul) ASAP -Monday / only works Mon/Tues Low

Sound recorder/editor/mixer

Fist the Mountain Prod Los Angeles (30 Jul) 8/2/2014 / 2 days, 48 Hour Film Project Unpaid


Herzog & Company North Hollywood, CA (30 Jul) ASAP / 6 months to a year Full

Video Encoding Technician

Giant Interactive Burbank (30 Jul) immediate / fulltime Full

Editor and Script Supervisor

Abusement Park Los Angeles/Burbank (29 Jul) Friday, August 1st / August 1st-3rd Unpaid

Post Sound Mixer

Independent Los Angeles (29 Jul) Immediate / One day Full

Digital Colorist

SLE Productions Los Angeles (29 Jul) August 1, 2014 / 2 weeks Low

Sound Designer

Walking Legend Los Angeles (29 Jul) 07/28/2014 / 3 Days Low

3D Character Rigger

Club Spa Productions Los Angeles (29 Jul) Asap / Preferably 3 days Low
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