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Look At The Wall Productions posted: 14-Nov
November 2015, 30 Days

Director: Gigi Hozimah. We are searching for cast and film crew, but more than that we are looking for a creative family. We are looking for people that we can grow with and continue to make films with. This is our first feature film and it is a Horror Drama set for shooting November 2015 (TBC) in the neighborhood of Central Harlem in New York.
Skies Get Gray is a horror drama about a father that is protective of his daughter and his paranoid friend.

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Los Angeles

Alpha Centauri Productions posted: 6-Nov
Tuesday, December 2nd, 3 Days (2nd, 5th, & 6th)

Director: Zach Lasry. Manic man-child Seth lives in his own demented world where time is of the essence, his only friends are his stuffed animals, and the words of Michael Jordan inspire him to take 100% of the shots he can- which, for Seth, means impressing his father.
A series of trials and errors ensue eventually leaving Seth feeling defeated as he makes one last attempt to win his father's love and approval. 

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LA, Ft. Smith, Zoo, NH, NYC

Low Pay
Feelar Entertainment posted: 25-Nov
end of Aug. '15, 1 wk

Director: Justin Gimelstob. A young American tennis player tries to win the US Open in an unprecedented fashion. Partial nudity.

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Thousand Oaks/Santa Barbara

Low Pay
Spot Filmworks posted: 25-Nov
December TBD, 1 day

Director: Michael Graf. Emmy Award winning Producer/Director looking for 20-29 year old female actor. Midwestern, girl next door, look to film one scene for a :60 spec ad.

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Yale Student Film Productions posted: 25-Nov
Mid January, 3-4 weeks (not consecutive)

Director: Patrice Bowman. Production Type: Yale Student Short Movie
Project length: 20 - 25 minute run time
Project format: Digital Video
Audition Location: New Haven, Connecticut or online
Shooting Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Email: Patrice.bowman@yale.edu
Compensation: Meals/lodging provided locally, transportation reimbursed
Auditions: Late November – Late December
Call Backs: Late December
Shooting Starts: Late January

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London- central

Black Teeth posted: 25-Nov
27th November, 1 evening

Director: Thomas James. This is a music video for the band Taman Shud, for their upcoming song 'Viper Smoke'
An unsuspecting couple are walking home from a date, only to be followed by a suspicious character. However, all is not what it seems and when he finally confronts the couple he is the one who is attacked.
We are looking for a charismatic, imposing and authoritative older actor to play the role of the SUSPICIOUS MAN in this video. Although this job is unpaid, we are confident we...

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Finite Productions posted: 25-Nov
13th January, 4 nights

Director: Jack King. Finite productions is looking for 2 ASIAN MALES to play the lead-roles in an upcoming mixed-language dark drama short film production; ‘Pit-stop’, shooting early January 2015 in BRADFORD, Yorkshire.
Pit-stop is a dark drama that focusses on the struggle of 22 year old ‘Noveed’; an immigrant working and living at a hand-car wash alongside his depressive and violent father, a man hell bent on ensuring Noveed doesn’t neglect...

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ZBglobal posted: 25-Nov
12/2/2014, 1 day

Director: Josh. Need non-union adults to attend a mock parenting communication class. from 9-4 in Carlsbad, CA. Please contact me if you're interested - JTucker@ZBglobal.com

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PHF posted: 25-Nov
January 2015, 4 days

Director: Francis Luta. A quest to find a true human connection, even if it means looking in dark places.

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Ecera posted: 25-Nov
November, 3 days

Director: Melody Era. Indie, conceptual music video.
A middle aged actress who lives alone in her NYC apartment falls in love with a younger man. They walk around the city for hours, do the groceries and chitchat in coffee shops.

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Brooklyn, NY

N/A posted: 25-Nov
11/13-14, 2 days

Director: Phil Cheney. Short dramatic thriller about a sleazy landlord who lets questionable things go on in his building at night.

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Low Pay
Nevins Production posted: 25-Nov
12/6/2014, 1 day

Director: Undisclosed. Music video for established NYC singer songwriter. Looking for actors to lip-synch to song.

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Dutchess County

Low Pay
monstrinthedark posted: 25-Nov
TBA, 2 days

Director: Sean Tracy. Casting asap for fresh-faced teens to young adults ages 15-21 for a music messaging app commercial shooting in the Hudson Valley in the second week of December.
Happy, vibrant, and must be able to dance well.
App being released at Consumer Electronics Show in Jan.
Submit headshot and resume for consideration or improve your chances by also sending a 15-30 second video submission with:
1. You smiling while using cell phone
2. You dancing

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Low Pay
Temple U Graduate Thesis posted: 25-Nov
July 15, 2015, 1 week

Director: Chung Wei Huang. Synopsis:
The Bustling at a Late Night Carnival tells a late coming-of-age story of a newly-arrived Taiwanese girl’s exploration who comes to America with an imagination, but comes to find out she is in the midst of a riotous festivity with the carneys. In this exploitative system where everyone struggles to survive, her inexperience leads her to betray her colleagues and becomes outcasted. The film centers on her attempt to fight against the stereotypes and...

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San Diego

Respond for Info posted: 25-Nov
January, about 6 days

Director: (Contact for further Info). Our team is currently casting adults and children for a local band's music video that will be featured on NBC's Soundiego. Children as well as Adults will be expected to present expression for camera. This is not a dancing music video, it is STORYLINE based. A copy of your professional work in HD will be provided for your reel or personal usage. If interested, please respond with headshot and resume. For any further details regarding this project, please...

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Republic Poly

School work posted: 25-Nov
26/11/2014, 4 hours 2 days only

Director: dharrshiyni. we are year 2 students fro republic polytechnic doing a school filming project for SG50. Currently we are looking for talent to act for our scenes.
Roles: 2 Chinese Male aged between 17 to 24 years old and is willing to run. 1 mother aged woman.
start date: 26/11/2014
End date: 28/11/2014
Audition Address: Republic polytechnic

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Pooppets Co. posted: 25-Nov

Director: Jay Milnamow. We are starting a stage acting group in the Sussex, Delaware area, lead by Director, Producer, Writer and Actor Jay Milnamow.
No acting experience is needed to join. This is a great opportunity to learn stage acting with professional direction or hone your skills without paying for classes.
Please respond with picture/headshot and a resume or brief description of previous acting experiences.

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Apt. 2 Film posted: 25-Nov
12/6/14, 1 Day

Director: Jim C.. A reverse murder mystery following a young woman's descent into despair.

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Sciencetellers posted: 25-Nov
Immediately, Indefinite

Director: Andrew Piccirrillo. Sciencetellers combines comedy, audience interaction, storytelling and exciting science experiments into an unprecedented theatrical learning experience. We perform for schools, libraries, scouts, camps and parties - anywhere there are kids and families! www.sciencetellers.com

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Chicago Loop

Art Institute of Illinois posted: 24-Nov
December 5th 2014, 8:00 Am - 11:00 AM

Director: Timothy Riley. This is a student project. I am looking for 2 more actors, 1 male 1 female, to participate in a talk show called 'Books to Talk About' Where There will be a host and the guest will be a couple with a new best selling book on the market that discusses how to find true love. All actors will be provided with a copy of the show for their own purposes.

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