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Wannigan Productions posted: 28-May
August 26, 3 days

Director: Catherine Kaiser. Bella and Sam
A young homeless woman (ages 17-23) and her dog Bella spend their days together, exploring the city. Panhandling and urban chaos taint their days with grey skies. Once they traverse into their secret ravine, the light through the trees, the colours of nature and the artistry of the graffiti underneath bridges comes to life. This is their escape from the realities of street life. A climactic event within their alive world marks a turning point for...

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The Generation Of Z posted: 28-May
ASAP, Flexible

Director: Michael Hurst & Colin Mitchell. The Generation Of Z: Apocalypse is an immersive theatre show which since crossing the world from New Zealand, selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 is now bigger and bloodier than ever! Our show is where the proximity of theatre meets the detail and special effect quality of cinema in a narrative driven journey much like that of a video game - it's fast paced and unrelenting literally taking a chainsaw to the fourth wall as the audience find...

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New York

Anywhere Film posted: 28-May
7/3, 3 days

Director: Derron Campbell. Logline:
The world of a well-intentioned basketball coach is rattled when a troubled client walks into her life.

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South East London

Low Pay
NewPage Films posted: 28-May
13/06/15, 6hours

Director: Aoun Khan. A violent man named Charlie is back to look for the people who murdered his brother

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Synergy posted: 28-May
6/10/2015, 4 afternoons

Director: Tom Lassu. 'Stripling on the Olympus' is the adaptation of a classic novella by a European author, originally written more than 70 years
In this short film, a middle aged writer, who had to make many compromises in order to have a comfortable civil life, runs into a young hopeful that confronts him about the many dreams he had. The outstanding goals that he should have accomplished are slowly but surely fading from the older man's horizon.
Will shoot on the Hudson...

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Immediate Group posted: 28-May
June 2nd, 1 Day

Director: Ryan Bergmann. Director: Ryan Bergmann. Filming a corporate bank video for internal use.
We will be filming street-interview style questions.
$100/3 Hours max.

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Woodland Hills

Low Pay
Mark Bartosik posted: 28-May
05/31/2015, 2 Days

Director: Swati Srivastava. Background actors & actresses needed for short film on Alzheimer's - $25 per day (Woodland Hills)
compensation: $25 per day + lunch
We are shooting a short film dealing with Alzheimer's, especially from the point of view of Caregivers on May 31st and June 1st. We have formed partnerships with Cure Alzheimer's Fund and Al's Moving Mind.
We are looking for actors, age range 35-70 to act as background in a restaurant scene. We will choose a mix of men...

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AG posted: 28-May
30/5/2015, 1 day

Director: AG. Based on this feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PY_8nkEOeM
A man makes a fool of himself after trying to copy his cool housemate's new hair style, or what he thinks is a new hairstyle... In fact, his housemate had a big night in town, and has come home and fallen asleep in paint! Unfortunately for the man, he doesn't know that, and decides to go to the hairdressers and get his own paint-hair style. When the chair swivels around and his hair is looking ridiculous, the...

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Independent posted: 28-May
08/06/15, 120 mins

Director: Nick Krauser. This is film for a men's dating advice company. The film will show two actors meeting in Shoreditch for the first time, going for their first date and then going back to an apartment together. Where both actors will be kissing in their underwear.
The film is being made to educate men on the do's and don'ts of dating and there will be animated text over the final video, offering further explanation.
Payment for all actors will be £40 an hour.

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MoQi Films posted: 28-May
13th June, 1 day

Director: Jonny and Leonora Moore. 'Made In Taiwan' is a hot art-house feature film shot on location in Taiwan, last November. We are now shooting an important pick up scene for the film on June 13th, and require 2/3 Asian models for a few hours.

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Low Pay
Tyrant Media & Live Free Film posted: 28-May
Q1 2015, 1 Day

Director: Torian Tarrant.
Live Free Films & Tyrant Media are accepting submissions for Non-Union talent for roles on a concept trailer shoot for Crossed.
This is for paid work in the Baltimore area Q1 2015. Lodging will not be provided. So local talent is preferred.
The plot revolves around the ambush of an elite paramilitary unit comprising of military convicts and war criminals during a routine patrol. The scene will be action oriented and requires some physicality; running...

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New York City

n/a posted: 27-May
June 23rd, 3 days

Director: Lauryn Joleigh. A coming of age story.
A group of 20-somethings, invited to a party, explore life's ups and downs. Tragedy hits home and love is found.

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Emerson College posted: 27-May
August 1, 10 days

Director: Jean-Paul DiSciscio. In this dark thriller, an uncanny bible salesman attempts to cling to his past as his body begins to mysteriously deteriorate.

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Ravensbourne posted: 27-May
29/30th May 2015, tbc

Director: Hope Mason. A film trailer part of a university project.
The film will be about a young couple who are like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. The kill and steal for a living, all in the name of love and their hate for humankind.
This is an action film trailer.
PLEASE NOTE: There may be some partial nuditiy for both roles e.g. top off or bra only

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Low Pay
JD posted: 27-May
15 of July to end of August, 6 weeks

Director: Damascus. 'The lovers,' a feature length film about the age-old employee –employer affair. Some scenes are intelligent, dramatic, and intense. Others are seductive as the main character is married and the film will encompass drama, love, and some sensuality. There is nudity but not full nudity and simulated sex
The following main character is who were seeking at this time:
Joe black: between the age of 22-30. Caucasian male, tall and handsome, intellectual can act...

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Janno Productions posted: 27-May
12th June, Half day (12pm - 5pm approx)

Director: Matt Wallace. As a successful and growing video production company, we require our own video advert for our marketing campaign. The video will demonstrate the breadth of our video production experience and expertise, and encourage prospective clients to contact us.

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V Bernard and Assocs Casting posted: 27-May
5/27/15, TBA

Director: TBA. We are currently developing a TV Pilot titled The Real Life Stories of the Good Samaritan. The spokesperson for our PSA will get great exposure, a copy, IMDB credit and deferred pay. Auditions will be held from 6/3/15 from 1 pm-7 pm Non-union performer's only deferred pay.
Please email your photo, resume, hosting video if possible. Shooting on 5/6/15 call time 1 pm in NYC in the West 80's. It will be a short shoot day no more than 2 hours. Submission deadline 6/2/15.

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Low Pay
Hawkesbury Media Group posted: 27-May
6/20/15, 2-4 weeks

Director: Virgilio Baker. Host needed for television show. The host will visit a series of local restaurants and bars to review the food, atmosphere, and service at each location. The show is set to air on the Toledo CW in the fourth quarter of this year.

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John Butcher posted: 27-May
End of June/start of July, 5 days

Director: John Butcher. Descartes Error - a gritty British crime thriller.
Enticed into corruption by his senior partner, a naive policeman finds himself involved in the murder of a drug dealer and responsible for saving the only witness, the dealer’s daughter.
The film opens with a violent bar scene, which introduces the corrupt detectives - Jack Carver and Tom Descartes.
Then, tipped off about a drug drop off on the Yorkshire Moors, they head out there to take the drugs...

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SF Bay Area/Milpetas

appreciate & SYNTHesis posted: 27-May
June 3rd, 2015, 12 hours

Director: Jae Synth. We're casting several female models/actresses for two specific & fun parts.
We have a great director and producer attached to a very artistic and creative concept.
Although this video is for a mixtape with no funding, it will be widely distributed both Nationally and Internationally.
As well as supporting one of the Bay Area's biggest groups historically, and being a part of the promo for the Luniz newest album (in progress), we'll provide credit, copy...

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