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Caterham, Surrey

Codestar Productions posted: 19-Dec
22/12/14, 2 weeks

Director: Cody Leigh-Stannard. Brian and Adam run a private investigation firm together. When Adam accidentally murders a man, and successfully covers it up, Brian is hired to solve the murder, without knowing of his partners involvement.
Adam must attempt to sabotage Brian's investigation from the inside.

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Toronto/Richmond Hill

York University posted: 19-Dec
February 27th, 2015, 4 days

Director: Adam Singer. Jew Girl #2 is a musical comedy that tells the story of a Jewish teenager named Jodie who loves musical theatre. When Jodie auditions for the lead role in her school's version of Hairspray (Oy Vey Spray) only to be given the role of 'Jew Girl #2'. she attempts to reclaim the role she feels she was born to play.

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Low Pay
Iconica Communications posted: 19-Dec
Mid January, 2 days

Director: Daniel MacIndoe. Iconica Communications is shooting a web commercial for a multi million dollar home and is in need of two actors (M/F) to play a wealthy married couple touring a mansion with a real estate agent. While touring the home the husband says the home is so spectacular he feels like he's in the movies. The husband and wife go off and explore the house reenacting famous movie scenes in each room.
To audition: please send a video link with a recording of an impersonation...

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San Diego area

Low Pay
Rimrock Pictures posted: 19-Dec
early - mid January, 1-2 days

Director: Rob Lambert. Shooting a series of real estate videos in North San Diego County in early/mid January.
Looking for 2 local models/actors San Diego area talent to play a 'couple' (ages 45-55) to be shown around gorgeous homes in North SD County and 'have drinks/dinner' with the agents for our scenes. Looking for fun, lively yet natural scene work.
$125 day/rate

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West London

Brunel University London posted: 19-Dec
19 January 2015, 4 days

Director: Charlotte P-L. Have you ever questioned whether you’re making the right decisions? What if you had a chance to do things differently? Have you ever asked yourself: ‘What is the right thing?’ This is a film about how a young man copes with losing his father, and the journey he takes in order to prove himself.
Approximate film duration:
5-7 minutes
Seeking three actors (2 male, 1 female) for a student production
Audition date: Monday, 12 January...

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Hedda Films posted: 19-Dec
02/22, 15 Days

Director: Daniel Valle. Andrew, a Canadian-born theatre student is obsessed with Irina--a young aspiring actress and a recent immigrant. His infatuation with her leads him to undergo experiences that will change him irreversibly. He lashes out his accumulated anger on a young gay, immigrant man, who is secretly in love with him.
The film is a master's thesis project for York University. It is a micro-feature film, 80 minutes in length. Previous acting experience is NOT required. Instead we...

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Drama Arts Ltd 2015 posted: 19-Dec
1st January 2015, 1 Year

Director: Jazz. DRAMA ARTS LTD 2015 CASTING CALL for Stage Actors & Drama Trainers
Date: 5 January 2015
Time: 9am till 5pm
If you are interested, please email your RESUME to zuhairiidris@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with further details.

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Low Pay
Skyar posted: 19-Dec
1-5-2015, 1day

Director: Mike. An outbreak has occurred and Track is the only one left in her town. She is alone, afraid, and trying to survive to find more people.

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02/01/2015, 2 WEEKS


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Bay Shore

Low Pay
Educational Films posted: 19-Dec
2/20/2015, 2/23/2015

Director: Steven Hightower. Craig is a mid 20's man who has grappled with depression his whole life and has finally gave in and is killing himself. Bryan, Craig's friend, is there to prevent Craig from killing himself. Bryan is a beloved man who was always a great friend to everyone he has met, including Craig.
Jay is a run of the mill youtube personality who makes his final Youtube video.
Helpline operator is a operator at a suicide helpline center. She takes her job very seriously.

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Owings Mills

Stevenson University posted: 19-Dec
January 9, 2015, 3 months

Director: Josh Harmon. Stevenson University seniors seek acting talent for a short film to be produced within the next two months. Filming should be completed by the end of February or mid March.

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Downtown Toronto

Loba Production posted: 19-Dec

Director: Shawna Cleverdon. I am seeking three passionate, creative and open minded females to collaborate with me on a theatre project that I have envisioned for many years based on the epic poem 'Loba' by beat-generation writer Diane Di Prima. This challenging and beautiful poem has accompanied me through many stages in my life and has served as a multifaceted lens through which I have explored, fought, repressed and, ultimately, embraced the full essence of my being female. Every page is both...

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Shooting in Casablanca,Morocco

Illium Pictures, LLC. posted: 19-Dec
March, 2015, TBD

Director: Natasha Kermani. Log line: 'Imitation Girl' is the story of an alien being who comes to Earth and takes the form of a human girl.

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Capitol Hill

Life Arts Institute, Inc. posted: 19-Dec
January 3, 2015, 10 weeks

Director: Amirah. Enter the mystical world of ancient Kemet with a child who dreams of fulfilling her life's destiny in a journey to the mythical Hall of Akasha.

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Rasputin Studios posted: 19-Dec
January 12th 2015, 2 Days

Director: Timothy Gaer. A father must get his two daughters to the last safe place on earth.

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Brooklyn, NY

Covert Bacon posted: 19-Dec
End Of October, 4 to 6 Weeks On and Off

Director: Covert Bacon. RAP SUPER FRIENDS
This brand new six-part web series takes a campy look at the non-adventures and day-to-day lives of the biggest rap stars of today. Finding humor in the exaggerated personalities of these well-known performers, the show revolves around the secret coalition they’ve formed to preserve hip-hop music. Oftentimes, the Rap Super Friends are sidetracked from their main mission, and find themselves in sharp, satirical adventures.

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PM Promotions posted: 18-Dec
Dec. 20 to Jan. 20, 1 day

Director: C. Duvall. We are producing a short informative video on the benefits of medicinal cannabis oil, and the power of the endocannabinoid system. Acting/voice-over experience a must.

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Los Angeles

Low Pay
Breaking Point Flix posted: 18-Dec
14/1/15, 4 days

Director: Keir Siewert. This is a music video for the single, Days on Fire by English band The Last Carnival (thelastcarnival.co.uk).
The video is being directed by Keir Siewert (breakingpointflix.com), who has worked with the band on 4 previous video projects.
It's an entirely narrative video, playing more like a short film then a traditional music video, which will be shot guerilla style in LA and the Southern California desert.
This previous video by Keir is a good gage for the...

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Low Pay
School of Visual Arts posted: 18-Dec
February, 1 - 2 days

Director: Yoomee Kwak. Two young Koreans living in New York form a bond over their mutual love of pasta.

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Old Street

Independent Film production posted: 18-Dec
28th December, 2 days

Director: Roger Spencer. Looking for three girls for a music video for a song to be released by a US label in January..Each girl will play strong sexy characters ,
Will be nice if each girl exudes confidence and sex appeal with a no nonsense attitude .

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