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New York

77 Ventures Creative posted: 27-Oct
10/30/14, 2 days

Director: Hyde Harper. Looking for excited, motivated, attractive males 25-50 who represent what it is to be a True Dude. Shoot requires wearing clean, comfortable stylish clothing while reciting the True Dude Manifesto to camera. (Manifesto provided upon casting.) Video will be used as spec promotion for an upcoming anti-domestic abuse campaign.
Please contact with interest. Include headshot. Diversity encouraged.

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SUNY Purchase posted: 24-Oct
October 28th, 2014, 10-15 Minutes

Director: Devin Muckley. A short film about a story of a young man in mourning whom finds solace while talking with a blind old man behind a church.

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School of Visual Arts posted: 21-Oct
Nov 11th, 1 Day

Director: Sam B.. Student film shot on 16mm. 'Meta Noir' in vein of 'Twilight Zone'.
A one-character, dual-role piece, no dialogue, about a man who discovers a body alarmingly identical to his own…
Unpaid but transportation/meals will be covered and copy of finished film provided.
6 hour shoot will take place 9am to 3pm on Nov 11th in Manhattan.
Thank you!

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Chapman University posted: 10-Oct
Nov. 6, 10 day shoot

Director: Kali Baker-Johnson. 'This Is How I Want to Remember H.E.R.'
The story of Corbin, a quiet African-American boy who begins to struggle with his racial identity after his family moves his cousin Patience, a teenaged lesbian who’s been living on the streets, into their home in a mostly white suburb.
Chapman University Graduate Thesis Film
Accepting SAG/AFTRA and Non-Union Submissions

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Midtown West

Low Pay
Guggenheim Productions posted: 31-Oct
Friday Oct 31st, shooting Nov 6th

Director: Kerry. Seeking actresses with COILY, CURLY or WAVY hair for a short video based in a hair salon about hair product.
Auditions going on NOW until 5PM at 250 W 54th St, Suite 407
If selected you must be available for shoot on Nov 6th & will be compensated $750.
720 260 6593 call/text as needed

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Low Pay
Monius Productions posted: 31-Oct
11/02/12, 11/12/12

Director: RALPH MÖNIUS. As his girlfriend Irene cheats on him, Jack becomes obsessed with Chris, her new boyfriend. Caught between revenge and admiration, fear and fascination, Jack starts stalking Chris. Discovering that Chris treats all the people in his life like garbage, watching soon is not enough anymore for Jack and he sets out to teach Chris a lesson he will never forget...

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Midtown West

N/A posted: 31-Oct
11/5/14, A few hours / one day of work

Director: N/A. A well-established New York tech company is producing a series of animated promos that illustrate the benefits of our latest product.
We are looking for a VOICE-OVER ACTOR (MALE, age 45-60) with a strong, commanding, yet gentle voice to do the narration for these videos.
The plan is to start with one promo and after we see how the piece turns out, we'll potentially bring back the same actor for subsequent videos.
We are currently working on the script, should have...

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Los Angeles

untitled posted: 31-Oct
November 4th Tuesday, 10 hrs

Director: John. We are looking for a fun / sassy / sexy girl for a music video. She needs to be in the 25-40 range. She will be Bonnie in a Bonnie and clyde style music video with some night riding and a scene at the end where she kills Clyde. Looking for someone with some experience but not mandatory. We will provide a meal and a copy of the production for you if needed. We are hoping for a 6 hr day but you know how that can go, especially with traffic, so we just rounded up to 10hrs. Just...

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Romero Films posted: 31-Oct
11/3/14, 1 day

Director: Josh Romero. Half day, voice over recording session. The project is a series of legal videos, one minute each.

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SVA posted: 31-Oct
11/7-11/9, 3 day shoot: 1 full, 2 half

Director: Matt Hoff. An atmospheric, experimental piece. Non-dialogue, yet emotionally heavy. The story of a young couple, Arthur and Caroline, coming to terms with an unplanned pregnancy early in their relationship. Caroline accepts the change gradually. Arthur takes his time, but eventually comes around. A tale of acceptance to drastic change.

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Santa Monica

None posted: 31-Oct
11/12/14, 12pm-5pm

Director: Felicia Cook. I am a student director looking to complete a 3-5 minute static scene involving two actors. My crew are fellow classmates who, like myself, are looking to increase their experience and exposure to professional filmmaking and the production process. This is a NON-PAYING, NON-UNION job, but a final edit of the scene will be provided to actors who are looking to expand their reel. We look forward to working with passionate actors, as we are passionate about this craft, who...

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los angeles

Low Pay
SJ student films posted: 31-Oct
12/02/14, 5 days

Director: srinivasa jonnavithula (SJ). I am looking for a native american/canadian artist aged between 50-60.
The story is about a father after his son's death realizes his son's dream to be a painter, and takes up his paintings and finishes his dream.

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Grand Rapids

Compass Coll of Cinematic Arts posted: 31-Oct
November 17, 2014, 2 Days

Director: Jonathan D Garlinghouse. The Students of Compass Coll. of Cinematic Arts are casting a short Space Parody with the working title Intergalactic Layover. Production be November 17 and 18 in Grand Rapids, MI. The film will be produced by Terry Marsh, directed by Jonathan Garlinghouse and is written by Brandon Patterson.
Intergalactic Layover is a comedy parody about two iconic characters who cross paths at an intergalactic spaceport and begin to talk about their daddy issues.

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Midnight Treehouse posted: 31-Oct
November/December, day or two

Director: Jason Short. We are looking for an actress to portray a Tragic Female Adult Film Star in a music video.
Certainly a tragic character, we are seeking a actress to portray an overworked and under-appreciated adult film star who can't break out of the industry.
Female / Principal role / Caucasian / Age range: 18 - 40
Rate: $150/ day
Please submit recent demo reel to accompany submissions.

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new york

Low Pay
selective visions posted: 31-Oct
TBD, 40 days

Director: Adam Lippie. An unknown virus spreads in a poor neighborhood. The infected victims crave water and begin going after the residents of the densely packed neighborhood in gruesome ways. When the military is brought in to contain the situation, but realize they can't come up with a vaccine quickly enough, they fence off the area and let everyone die.

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Cape May

Revival Pictures posted: 31-Oct
April 20th, 2015, May 4th, 2015

Director: Glenn Rodriguez. Cape May. A town whose summers are known for boardwalks filled with sun-kissed tourists, who scatter away from the harsh winters, leaving the snow-covered streets in silent desolation. For 23-Year-Old Gray Richardson, life here in Cape May has been nothing but a plethora of picturesque backdrops, snobby tourists with million dollar beach homes and quirky locals that are a perfect fit for his love of cinematic artistry. As he dreams of becoming an independent film...

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ESW Productions posted: 31-Oct
11/7, 48 Hours

Director: Eliza Lagonia. ESW Productions, winner of The 2013 WFA 48-Hour Film Challenge Fan Favorite Award, will be reentering the competition this year to defend our crown.
We are looking to expand our team from last year, and would like to bring another actor aboard.
This is a non-paying assignment, but you will be considered an equal member of the team when prizes are given out. Last year, we split almost $9,000 in prizes.
The competition will begin on the night of Friday...

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Pine Productions posted: 31-Oct
Early March, Two weekends in March

Director: Geoff Perez. An officer in the New Jersey Police Department is conflicted when he arrests a homeless man who is using the system to go to prison.

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New York, NY

Razor & Tie posted: 31-Oct
November 4th, 2014, 1/2 day

Director: Brooks. Shooting the narrative aspect of a metal music video.

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Samurai Snacks Productions posted: 31-Oct

Director: SS Associates. Greetings!
Our production company is looking for an opportunity to collaborate with local musical acts in the greater Miami area. Collectively, we are a group of experienced professional filmmakers encouraging local musicians, DJ's, dance crews, or creatives to participate in this free competition. We understand that music videos can be costly, so were providing this collaboration opportunity to those who are interested taking their craft to a visual level.

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