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Featured casting:


(SH) Minka Philadelphia (24 Apr) May 17 and May 18 / Two days Lo/no
Featured casting:


(TV) Scott Brothers Enterta Shooting Across Amer (05 Apr) Fall 2014 / 20 Paid


(VO) Non-Scientific Physics Downtown Miami (24 Apr) May 1st / 2 weeks Lo/no

Arms & the Man

(FT) Blackbird Films LLC Pittsburgh (22 Apr) June 2014 / Three weeks Lo/no

Hello Neighbor

(TH) Grey Production Washington, DC (21 Apr) May 22 / 3 nights Lo/no

Extras for dance scene

(FT) HoneyBee San Francisco (21 Apr) May 17th / 3-4 hours Lo/no

Working Girl Recreation

(SH) Dulcemina Productions Boston (21 Apr) 4/19/14 / 3 minutes Lo/no

What Life Has In Store

(TH) Sheena D Horne Product DMV (21 Apr) ASAP / Show goes up Next month Lo/no

Social media game show

(TV) Becauseisaid Entertain North Potomac (20 Apr) April 21, 2014 / May 21, 2014 Lo/no

The Premiere

(SH) Carissa Kacmarek Chicago (20 Apr) Beginning of June / 10 days Lo/no

The Girl In The Closet

(TH) Sheensmile Inc. Chicago (19 Apr) Rehearsals - June / Premier Slated For Mid-August Lo/no


(SH) Amelia Arnold Films Westport (19 Apr) July 2014 / 4-5 Days Lo/no

Casting Call for Show Host

(WB) Palace Sports and Ente Auburn Hills (19 Apr) 06012014 / 1 year Paid

HeartLand, Blues

(FT) Artistic View Producti Ocala (18 Apr) May / Open Lo/no

The Python Wars

(SH) TheEvergladesWildlife Fort Lauderdale (18 Apr) NOW / Open Lo/no

Futurist Kids

(WB) Orlando (17 Apr) 4/27/14 / 1 day Lo/no


(SH) Turner Family Producti Providence, RI & Wes (17 Apr) Early/Mid-May (BOA) / 12-20 min Lo/no

Take Me Out! New Hampshire

(TV) Mis-En-Suite Productio Nashua (17 Apr) May 2014 / Through August 2014 Lo/no

The Common Alligator

(SH) 250 studios New Haven (17 Apr) Late May / Late May - August 2014 Lo/no

Open auditions - Comedy Short

(FT) Call in SIck Productio Greater Seattle area (16 Apr) auditions on 4/26/14 / 1 day Lo/no
(Type) key: CO = Commercial. CC = Corporate. DA = Dance. EV = Event. FT = Feature Film. MU = Musical. MV = Music Video. OP = Opera. RD = Radio. RE = Reading. SH = Short Film. TV = Television. TH = Theatre. VO = Voice-Over. WB = Web/Interactive.
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