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Production        (Type) Employer Where (Ad posted) Starts/Duration Pay

Lie Low

(FT) Lie Low Productions Lt UK (21 Sep) February 2015 / 20 Lo/no


(EV) London (19 Sep) To be anounced / To be anounced Lo/no

Red Smoke

(SH) Jawbreaker Films Shrewsbury/Market Dr (19 Sep) End of October / 2 days Lo/no


(SH) Big Shadow Productions Glasgow (18 Sep) 18/10/14 / 2 days Lo/no


(WB) rebel bass productions Bolton/Manchester (18 Sep) Mid November / 1-2weeks Lo/no

Speedentity Web Commercial

(WB) Broken Physics Product Southampton (18 Sep) 15th October 2014 / 4-6 hours Lo/no

Mockumentary following a bully

(SH) Black Labs Studios London (16 Sep) 26th September / 1 Month Lo/no


(SH) Talking Lens Leeds, West Yorkshir (16 Sep) September / 1-2 days Lo/no


(SH) Broken Lens Production Luton (16 Sep) 25th September / 5 days Lo/no


(WB) n/a London (16 Sep) ASAP / 1 Day Lo/no

The Endz - Drama Series 2

(TV) SDMC Productions Manchester (15 Sep) 20th September 2014 / 2 Days Lo/no

Short Script Reading

(RE) London Film Academy London (15 Sep) 19/09/14 / 2 hours Lo/no

Untitled At Moment

(SH) PoP Films South Lanarkshire (15 Sep) October 2014 / Ongoing as Available Lo/no

Professional Agent Showcase

(TH) Elicit Theatre Company Central London (15 Sep) ASAP / On going Lo/no

Stand Up (Working Title)

(SH) M2 Productions Northwest (15 Sep) 18th October 2014 / 2 days Lo/no

I Like For You To Be Still

(SH) None Manchester (15 Sep) 20/09/14 / 3 hours Lo/no

The Vikings' Curse

(SH) MWS Promotions York (15 Sep) September 27th / 2 days Lo/no


(EV) The Agent Showcase LONDON (12 Sep) 17th Sept / 1 day Lo/no


(MV) Hermione Taylor Castin London (12 Sep) 27th September / 28th September Lo/no

Working Men's Club

(TV) Without Joe Production London (12 Sep) Early/Mid-October / 1 Week Lo/no
(Type) key: CO = Commercial. CC = Corporate. DA = Dance. EV = Event. FT = Feature Film. MU = Musical. MV = Music Video. OP = Opera. RD = Radio. RE = Reading. SH = Short Film. TV = Television. TH = Theatre. VO = Voice-Over. WB = Web/Interactive.
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