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(TV) Scott Brothers Enterta Shooting Across Amer (05 Apr) Fall 2014 / 20 Paid

Wake Up Maggie

(SH) Krew Keth Productions Pasadena (17 Apr) 04/18/14 / Half day (Night Shoot) Lo/no


(SH) Independent Los Angeles (17 Apr) TBD / TBD Lo/no

Dr. Garrus/Wednesday

(SH) Donavan Clark Los Angeles (17 Apr) May 17th / 1 Day Lo/no

That Was You

(SH) Dirty White Shoes Los Angeles (16 Apr) 05/24/2014 / 1 DAY Lo/no

Love Is Inevitable

(SH) CSULA LA (15 Apr) April 15 / 2 Days Lo/no


(SH) The American Film Inst Ventura, CA (15 Apr) Thursday April 17th / 1 day Lo/no

Illuminati Inc.

(WB) Blank Offices Los Angeles (15 Apr) 5/3 / 1-2 days Lo/no

Fight Scene for Reel

(SH) Leslie Kunz Los Angeles (14 Apr) Monday 4/14 / 1 shoot day, 1 or 2 rehearsals Lo/no

WCW production

(TV) WCW production San Diego (14 Apr) Apr 22-25 / 1 day Lo/no

Documentary Apologetics Film

(SH) Jeffrey Griffith North San Diego Coun (10 Apr) April 9, 2014 / Month-2 Months Lo/no

What Doesn't Kill You

(FT) Mariashka inc Boston (10 Apr) August 2014 / 1 month Lo/no

Special Skills

(TV) Oddly Disturbing Produ Los Angeles (10 Apr) May 6th / 2 days Lo/no

The Wood

(WB) Layers Entertainment Los Angeles (10 Apr) May 3, 2014 / Half day Lo/no


(TV) Anonymous Los Angeles (09 Apr) Late April / 3/4 weekendss Lo/no

The Trouble Maker

(SH) New York Film Acedemy Los Angeles (08 Apr) May 10th 2014 / 5 days shooting Lo/no

The Man In Red

(SH) Paradime Films Los Angeles (07 Apr) May 3d / 2 days Lo/no

I Want To Be Dorian Gray

(SH) JNG Films Los Angeles (07 Apr) May 10th / 2 Day Shoot Lo/no


(SH) (freelance) Los angeles (07 Apr) Presentation on april 24th / 60min Lo/no

Strong Heart

(SH) Chapman University Orange and Anaheim (07 Apr) April 19th or 20th / One Day Lo/no
(Type) key: CO = Commercial. CC = Corporate. DA = Dance. EV = Event. FT = Feature Film. MU = Musical. MV = Music Video. OP = Opera. RD = Radio. RE = Reading. SH = Short Film. TV = Television. TH = Theatre. VO = Voice-Over. WB = Web/Interactive.
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