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Producer, Santa Monica
Massive Square, posted: 26-Jul
Low Paid
August 10, 6 hours

We're a digital production company looking for kids between the ages of 8 and 10 different ethnicities for a Virtual Reality photoshoot the week of August 10.
The scene we'll be composed with 8 kids that represent different school activities such as physic and math, sports, computer science, music.
If you're interested contact us! Please send us the following information:
• Your contact info • A few recent photos

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NEW: Comedy short film, Robbinsville, NJ
Scott Keenan, posted: 28-Jul
TBD, 2 days max

This is a comedy short that I am working on. The premise is that a kid goes in to interview at a restaraunt for a job, and a large, absurd man conducts an off the wall interview. We will be filming early in the morning. This is a student film so we're working with a shoe string budget.
We are casting the interviewer, preferably large (tall and bulky). Italian/New York/New Jersey accent preferable.


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NEW: Two voice actors for a short ..., Westwood
Two voice actors for a short film, posted: 28-Jul
15th or 18th August, 2...

Hello, I'm making a short film as school project. The title is "Water and Coke". Since the characters are real glasses of Water and Coca-cola, I need voice actors. If you have any question, please let me know via e-mail. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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NEW: Frankenshark, Clifton
Bill Zebub Productions, posted: 28-Jul
08/08.15, 1-3 days

This movie is high-brow and low-brow at the same time, rife with pathos and there are moral questions asked ( the answers are for viewers to decide. ) Science fiction sometimes uses exaggeration to make a point and so it is with this movie It is an metamorphosing creature that offers new challenges with every change. But the creature is not the point of the story. Rather the characters and their conflicts provide the essence of the plot. The creature provides WTF moments on screen, yes, but...

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NEW: Four, Manhattan
New York film academy, posted: 28-Jul
October 20th, One week

Production:Alice, a college freshman, receives a mysterious book. Throughout a 5 day period, as she unravels the mystery of the book, strange occurrences begin to happen as her inner life and personality start to transform. Alice must fight supernatural beings that have also been spawned by the book. Fighting these forces becomes increasingly futile and she must rise up in ways that are unfamiliar to her. The genre is horror/mystery. This is my NYFA thesis film.Alice: Alice is a slightly anti...

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NEW: Open Call Auditions: Seeking ..., Detroit
Studio City, posted: 28-Jul
07/27/15, 1 day

Studio City, the two-time Emmy award winning creator of FOX’s entertainment news show, DISH NATION, is seeking America’s next big PRANKSTER. If you are an aspiring filmmaker or web-series creator, we want you to audition for this all-new reality series now in production.

The Series: Store associates are put to the test when our star customers walk in looking for products that don’t exist, such as wall benders or paper stretchers.

The Guidelines: Submit a 3-5 minut...

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NEW: Kaifiyat (Return), Los Angeles
Aditya Basu, posted: 28-Jul
August 8, 2 days

5 min student short for UCLA. 1- 2 days shoot in outer LA area. No frills budget but have amazing crew who loves working with people and kids and making awesome films!
Logline: Kashmiri refugee Brij returns to reclaim his house in Kashmir, only to find it housed by playful, curious Fatima, and the demons of his past.

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NEW: Two Brothers Hummus Commercial, Philadelphia
Eyes Ahead, posted: 28-Jul
Low Paid
August 8th, 8 hours

Local Philadelphia business Two Brothers Hummus is shooting a commercial on August 8th 2015, and is in need of a male and a female to play a couple on a date. Male and female need to be in their twenties to early thirties, have formal dinner clothing and be able to make it to University City. We will provide transportation costs as well as meals throughout the day. Start time is TBD. Plan for 8 hours on set. Please supply a headshot and a reel or video of a particular project. There is possib...

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NEW: 1:47 AM, Brooklyn
Avant Garden Productions, posted: 28-Jul
8/24/15, 8/28-8/29/15

We are currently casting for our new short film, '1:47 AM'.
The story centers around two female friends that discuss some of the sudden life changes that may cause them to grow apart.
We will be holding auditions in early August with plans to film at the end of August. In addition to standard headshot/resumes please include a social/candid photo as well. Thanks!

-- Avant Garden Productions

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NEW: Actor, DC, MD, VA
AJ Rhodes Entertainment, posted: 28-Jul
Low Paid
August 24th, We will b...

Looking for African-American Males and Males of color for web series Love @ First Swipe.

This is a PAID opportunity.

The show shoots it's first episode the week of August 24th-30th in DC (the dates and times will be based on actors availability). We will also be shooting weekly episodes starting Oct.9th and our last episode will air Dec. 11th (We will be shooting mostly nights and weekends and it will be based on actor availability).
Locations will be in various areas in the DC, MD,...

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NEW: Web Series, Jersey City/Manhattan
Sullivan Productions, posted: 28-Jul
Low Paid
Mid August, TBD

A web-series about a narcissistic man trying to find love in the city.

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NEW: Dragula, The Ruby Theater in The Complex on Santsa Monica B
M and M productions, posted: 28-Jul
September 2, 2015, Sep...

"Dragula" is a new musical by Mark Mc Quown and Buddy Mix. We are doing a staged reading, dance and singing performance at The Ruby Theater in The Complex in Hollywood, on October 2, 3 at 7:30 pm ending at 9:45 pm. The tickets are @20.00. We are doing this presentation as part of The New Los Angeles Theater Festival which plays from September 2 to October 4, 2015, in The Ruby Theater. You may see more about the Los Angeles Theater Festival at; and you may s...

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Reach Down, Brooklyn.
Rugg Reg Productions, posted: 27-Jul
12/10-12/13, 3

Reach Down is a psychological Crime Thriller That follows Detective Ronavan Sly and his mission to stop the infamous serial killer aptly named The Ripper. The Ripper is a cruel and Calculating Criminal that has Taunted police with his crimes and blatant disregard for human life and It's Sly's job to stop him. This Journey will take Sly to places he never expected. In order to stop this man sly will have to Explore the darkeness in his own heart.

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Untitled Web Series, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Josh Atkinson, posted: 27-Jul
Sunday, 8/2 - Monday 8...

A couple extras are needed for background in a gay bar scene for a sketch comedy web series. Everyone is welcome! Many extras will get individual camera time, i.e. reaction shots. (They will be reacting to another patron who is embarrassing himself--a vampire.) There are sexual scenarios, played for comedy and nothing is shown.
It's low-budget, low crew, low pressure. If you've ever wanted to dress up as a punk or a drag queen or...whoever!...this would be a receptive place for it. I'm lo...

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Short-Film Production - Piece..., Columbus, Ohio
dev fogle films, posted: 27-Jul
August, 2015, Two Agre...

Need actors and actresses who fit the following descriptions:One Male [Lead] - Middle AgedOne Female - Middle AgedMale & Female [Multiple] - Ages 20-30Male - ChildMore description of Short film, titled, 'Hero' will be given when chosen for specific role.Please, attach link to head shots/demo-reel to email, or if you do not have a demo-reel, explain what experience you have and we could possibly meet up for an audition.Note that this film is not "line" heavy, in other words; the script is ...

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Working Title: Project XD Aug..., New York City
JLF, posted: 27-Jul
Low Paid
8/10/15, Shooting 8/10...

Casting for an arthouse, character and dialogue driven David Mamet type indie feature film with a John Cassavetes / French New Wave sensibility about modern day romance / dating.A bohemian couple in their thirties profess their love for one another until death do them part, but along the way their marriage flourishes into a potpourri of several different personalities. Who’s real, who’s not? Will a broken heart, false pride, and deception pushes one to kill?Film to be submitted at major...

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Improvisor, Los Angeles
Pin-Up Squirrels, posted: 27-Jul
August 1, On Going

Pin- Up Squirrels are an all female sketch and improv troupe originally formed in NYC. They have performed in LA, Hawaii and London and are in the Guinness Book of Records.Founding creator, Kristen Lucas has moved to Los Angeles and will be starting the first ever West Coast Branch on Pin- UP Squirrels. This comedy troupe will need strong improvisers with 4 levels of improv training outside of university and comedic writer with sketch experience.

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Actors wanted i-D Magazine We..., Manhattan
Somesuch, posted: 27-Jul
7/28/15, 2 hours

i-D Magazine is looking for a handful of young actors to reenact monologues about online dating. Monologues will be filmed on camera and used for a new web series launching this August in conjunction with Vice Media. We're looking for guys and girls in their 20's and 30's. Please contact this link with resume and head shots. If you have any original stories about you're own experience dating in NYC please include them as well. Contact us immediately. The shoot will take place in NYC July 27th...

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Barton Fink, New York
New York University Tisch, posted: 27-Jul
Tuesday, August 4, Mor...

Casting a recreation of a scene from the Coen Brothers' "Barton Fink" to be performed and recorded in a TV studio at NYU. The scene is the first encounter between Barton Fink and Charlie Meadows.

Must be available to make the rehearsal on Thursday, July 30 in the afternoon. Please be prepared to read some of the script that I will send you during the audition on July 27. I will contact you to set up an audition time and to provide more details on the project.

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Production, Orange county
KM FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY, posted: 27-Jul
Aug, for one day or tw...

we are looking just for an actress. who is between 18 and 22. 5'6" or less. average body. any ethnicity. our short film called Adoration. its about a guy who still love a girl even after she left the country. one day he will be listening to a song that made him remember her.

please contact me for more information.

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